Car imports become a victim of polyphony/foreign currency is the savior of used cars?

In the circumstances, allocation of foreign currency to the import of used cars as another step to facilitate the import of used cars has been approved by the first vice president, and after two years of the liberalization of car imports, only 800 cars entered the customs due to the lack of currency.

BYD & UzAuto to build EV factory in Uzbekistan

BYD has signed an investment agreement with the government of Uzbekistan to build a production plant for electric and hybrid cars. The plant will be built in Jizzax province through a joint venture with UzAuto.

Dayon Y7 is coming to the market

After a successful distribution of Dayon Y5, now ILIA KHODRO has got the permission to plate the new Dayon Y7.

US Auto Industry Down 8% Since 2019

It’s time for another one of our quarterly US auto sales reports. No other media outlet compares US auto industry trends with as much history and depth as we do in these.

How To Prepare Your Car For Fall

As it begins to creep into October, you know that colder weather is on its way. This means that it is time to prepare your car for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. Your car is negatively impacted by the cold temperatures in many ways.

Türkiye may lure Tesla investment in coming years

Musk noted that numerous Turkish supplier firms are currently collaborating with Tesla and that Türkiye is one of the leading candidates for the next factory.

Chery Omoda 5, Now in UK

Chinese brand confirms pricing for its first UK car, with Omoda 5 EV and larger Jaecoo 7 SUV to follow

Haier enters the auto industry

Haier, with its experience in the smart home sector, plans to establish a new ecosystem for home-vehicle connectivity in partnership with automotive companies, the firm added.