Turbulent Car Market/ Financial Expectation and Brokers Increase the Car price

Observing the auto market show the price increment in recent days which is logical due to the last days of the year but worrying thing is price increment is way different with previous years.

Hyundai Reveals New Technology to Assist Hearing-Impaired Drivers

Hyundai Motor Group has revealed a new innovative technology that assists hearing-impaired drivers by replacing sounds with visual or touch-based cues, and using advanced sensor and artificial intelligence technology to help them ‘hear’ the traffic around them.

Advertising Shows won’t Fool European/ Empty Hands of Auto Congresses

Most of experts believe that in current situation holding an international congress for auto industry is not necessary because they don’t have any result and all contracts that signed in the past periods were for the relation of automakers with foreign companies and congress didn’t do anything.

Congress Should have a Result in Foreign Investment

In recent years auto industry saw different congress with big names but people think that these congresses didn’t have result and they are a way to make money for holders and a place for governmental officials to speak.

Crisis of Spare Parts in the Ambush of After-Sales Services

Shortage of car’s components in past months has made a worry about the ending days of the year and this problem can became critical for the auto industry.

 Effects of Price Increment on Car Market and Production/ Car Production Organize Depends on Part Makers Condition Improvment

vehicle production has decreased in recent months and part makers problems has caused the unfinished cars production. the question is vehicle price increment can improve the condition or not?

Paradoxical Behavior of Standard Organization to Stop Non-standard Vehicles/ Deadline for car manufacturers has been extended?

The deadline of passing 85 standard was at the first of this month and standard organization said before that they won’t postpone this deadline and now they announced researches will take several months.

Casualties of Vehicle Price Increment Continues/ Which Government had Higher Vehicle Price?

Vehicle price increment happened bigger than what expected and it announced inexpertly in economy meetings and media. Also one side look was obvious in it.