The Effects of Fuel Quota on the Car Market

The story of fuel consumption allocation is now in the street of auto industry and some thinks that by quoting the fuel then mid-range vehicles will be more popular and auto market will be better. Now the question is if the government announces its latest decision then what will happen to the auto industry?

Behold the Highs and Lows of the 2018 Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show is alive and well this week, and over the course of two press-only days, it managed to pump out a plethora of vehicles that seriously stimulated our eyeballs from afar.

Developing by innovation, brilliance by brand-building- JAC held its international annual conference 2018

On April 23th, JAC International Distributors Annual Conference 2018 was opened the curtain in Dalian with the theme of'Developing by innovation, brilliance by brand-building', welcoming more than 200 distributor representatives from over 100 countries to attend this conference.

The 6 Hottest Cars of the 2018 Paris Motor Show: Day 1

We're just a day into the 2018 Paris Motor Show, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lineup of the best-in-show so far.

Turn signals — amber or red? Yes, it matters

What color should rear turn signals be? In North America they’re usually red, and can also be amber. Almost everywhere else in the world, they have to be amber.

7 Crazy Driving Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

You may think the rules of the road are universal, but driving laws actually differ slightly from state to state. The following crazy driving laws prove you really need to pay attention when you travel across state lines. Check out these quirky rules and regulations to be aware of when driving across the country.

Iran is keeping its nuclear commitments — despite Trump

Modern history attests to the fact that Iran has not engaged in any external aggression during the past 250 years. It has, however, fiercely resisted foreign aggression and intervention.