The alert of brokers reentrance into auto market/ Market can't tolerate price increment

While automobile price was decreasing in the past months, suddenly prices increased again in the past recent days. activists said that the reason of this increment is lack of distribition.

Self-sufficiency in production The only way to protect the car industry

Many officials and experts believe that the only way that can keep the automotive industry free of sanctions is to focus on the potential of domestic automakers to self-sufficient production.

Crisis of scarcity of parts in the ambush of montage vehicles

On the one hand, with the imposition of sanctions on the one hand, and the blocking of the registration system for imported parts, the activists of the automotive industry have reported the likelihood of a shortage of imported parts and the problem of providing after-sales services and put forward warnings on this issue.

Low production rate, an obstacle to localization/ localization will happen by international relations

Parts localization has become one of most important plans of ministry but now due to shortage of high-tech part, completing cars has faced with a challenge.

Continued decline in prices of high-circulation vehicles in the market / people in the wake of further price collapse

In the car market, the price of some passenger vehicles has been declining. Market car activists also say that customers are still waiting for further price cuts in the market.

Part makers don’t have distributive system in market/ selling part makers products in market is not reasonable

Incomplete cars which are the main reason of stocked losses of automakers waiting for special parts while these parts are distributed in the free market.

The necessity of replanning the Auto industry road map/ developing industries, require exact plans

Most automotive experts believe that the 20-year-old vision document was developed in 2014, according to the circumstances of the time, and now needs to be redesigned and newly developed.

3 reason of part industry backwardness/ part industry, victim of automakers lack of variety

Failure in designing projects and weakness in procedure of developing new products in auto industry has become the concern of managers and also buyers of local cars. Part makers believe that lack of system in developing products had impact on the part industry and force them to stay far from today technology.