The necessity of replanning the Auto industry road map/ developing industries, require exact plans

Most automotive experts believe that the 20-year-old vision document was developed in 2014, according to the circumstances of the time, and now needs to be redesigned and newly developed.

Low Price Currency; an Obstacle for Self-Sufficiency in Producing Parts

The internalization of automobile parts and assemblies has been emphasized by automakers and government officials these days and simultaneously with the new round of automobile industry sanctions. Soon afterwards, with the result of the meeting, foreign companies started to conclude a contract of cooperation with domestic manufacturers and its achievement was the formation of joint venture companies.

Excessive cost of overhead workforce for automakers/ will automakers have lay off workforce?

A big part of automakers problems is because of excessive costs and overhead workforce which is challenging the whole company and no solution has been decided yet.

Chinese Cooperation decrease step by step in auto industry/ Chinese will loss Iran’s market due to limitations?

The Chinese were among the companies that during the previous period of sanctions played a significant role in the Iranian industries, including cars, and at the same time as the sanctions were lifted, they flourished in their various forms, but at the same time as the new phase of the car industry sanctions Last year, the question is always where the fate of the Chinese auto industry partners comes to?

Auto Industry Privatization needs Base Structures

About 10 years is passing since the government recommend the entrance of private section to auto industry but in all these years entrance of private sector was a challenge and due to most of experts it needs some infrastructures.

Risk of Losing Workforce in Auto Industry with Wage Increment/ will Auto Industry Loses Increase?

36 percent increase in wages in current year is concerning bosses because they can’t pay the wages for so most of industries will lose their workforce especially auto industry.

Clearance of Stocked Cars; from Letter to Practice

The destiny of stocked cars in customs remains unclear and beside all talks of managers of customs about clearing cars, president of vehicle importers association is deny them all.

Can Auto Industry replace Oil Incomes?

Along with decrease in oil income after sanctions, making money from other developed industries such as auto industry became bolder between officials and experts.