Continuation of monopoly with 100% self-sufficiency in the automotive industry / Will we become an automaker with a foreign partner?

These days, with the possibility of reviving JCPOA, the whispers of the return of foreign partners and the conditions for their re-cooperation with the automotive industry have increased, and in the meantime, some believe that by implementing localization projects and reducing dependence, the automotive industry can achieve its main goal alone.

New Saipa products replace Pride from early next year / Increase in production justifies Pride removal

Pride's stopping production after 26 years of production is no easy task for a carmaker who devotes most of its production to this car, but this time the car's production line halts soon after two years of struggle.

Moving toward diesel in an unknown way/ Is producing diesel cars economical?

A major carmaker's application for a diesel production license has been met with strong opposition these days from the Environment and Health Ministry, but the Ministry of industry appears to be favorable in this regard and intends to cooperate with carmakers.

A solution for automakers to exit 141 article/ Revaluation replace for increasing automakers capital

In the case of a revaluation as one of the ways to raise capital, according to statistics provided by carmakers at Kodal, automakers have not taken action in the months since, and according to capital market experts, the move has only The end of the year will be valid.

The relation between quality of gasoline and air pollution/ Ministry of oil insist on the good quality of produced fuel

As the cold days of the year is coming and emissions are getting more, the talk about quality of gasoline is getting hoter. Meanwhile some officials of oil industry and energy experts are insist on the quality of produced fuel in the country.

When the production rate sacrificed by the number of casualties/ Investigating the number of Prides with road accidents

While we are reaching the deadline of producing Pride in late December, according to statistics Pride has 6 million request in the country.

From purchasing cars to keep the capital to make cars an index for subsidy

Tentions in the exchange market, instability of the country's economy and decreasing of bank profit margin changed people's aspect to collect gold, exchange and even car. Now there is a news about removing subsidy of who ever has a car so those whom invested in this market are now getting worry.