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Publish Date : 29 December 2018 - 09:39
The bus fleet of our country is worn-out and we hear different bad news in or out of cities about bus crashes. According to statistics bus production has reached to zero in this month and there is no way to import bus for renovating the fleet.
Khodrocar – Every year during cold days, car technical inspection turn to a hot topic and different plans execute but during spring all of them are getting forgotten.

The second phase of decreasing plan executed this year and it was predicted to expand the plan to all over the city and all vehicles should took part in it. Also, 1200 CCTV got the code to detect cars without technical inspection certification then write a 500 thousand IRRs fee for them. But how much this plan was successful?

Beside air pollution car’s technical inspection is a way to prevent worn-out and dangerous cars to ride in the streets but most of worn-out buses are riding in the city and even the president of environment committee of the municipality said the condition of buses is not good at all and it is necessary renovate the fleet. But the renovating plan which started before is progressing in low speed.

The bad effect of this matter is obvious all over the country and the sad crash of a bus in university was one of them. However, there should be other reasons in this crash but we can’t close our eyes on the worn-out buses and transportation vehicles.

A while back, CEO of Tehran Bus Company talked about the suggestion of buying secondhand buses to fill the shortage of bus fleet. He said that buying new buses is really good but when the condition for buying is not okay then buying secondhand cars with some age condition could be a possible solution.

Meanwhile, no one pays attention to the potential of producing bus in the country and according to the recent news from ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade producing bus has reached to zero in last month.

Ineffective technical examination, the marginalization of bus production due to problems in the automotive industry, and the failure to implement the plan for replacing the modernization of the inland and outburst fleets, all have worked together to keep track of the movement of road hazards and Every time we're thinking of an incident, we're going to be forgotten after a while. Perhaps if we were paying attention to the capacities inside the bus production, we would not have seen such incidents today.

Khodrocar Reporter: Hadi Sianaki

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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