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Publish Date : 31 October 2017 - 13:00
Pricing a classic car is a very complex task which is done just by highly trained and experienced experts after severe evaluation process executed with care and obsession.
Khodrocar – Almost a decade ago, classic cars in Iran were so worthless that the owners priced them so low so they would sell out easy. During time with the change in classic car owning culture, increase in knowledge of history and uniqueness of the classic vehicles along with the activities of Classic Committee of Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran in order to promote the culture of classic cars ownership, the price of such cars increased so fast that in some cases the prices went up more than 10 times than before.

Restoration and trading classic cars is the most popular and benefitable business for some reach people who can afford them in the first place. But in order to sell a classic car with a good price, one needs to choose the most proper and valuable car and restore it the best way possible. 

A lot of car exist in Iran with world class values but thinking to price them right they back in foreign international auctions is one fool and funny ideology. There are some methods to evaluate a car and when it comes to classics, two main creditable methods pop up. One is the Certifies Pre-Owned Cars, the CPO multiple points inspections or almost the very same way that they do in auctions with almost the same multiple point inspections.

Through these two methods every car goes through a 125 to 170 point inspection sequence to evaluate that the car was preserved and restored originally with the highest care and obsession. Then the car is valued and price based on the very scores it makes after the inspection. That is why two very identical cars are priced differently, one based on hundreds of thousands and another one based on millions.

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