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Publish Date : 09 October 2017 - 11:39
Traffic accident death toll in Iran is so high that traffic police chief has recently apologized for it. Just by taking a little glimpse over the traffic management methods in top modern developed countries, Iran’s weaknesses are easily understood.

Khodrocar Reporter says, since 1377 (1998), the first year that the traffic accident death toll of the country was first calculated nationally until the end of the last year 1395 (2016), the statistics shows 459 thousand of deaths and 4.5 million injuries was reported. Fortunately, this toll rate is following a downward path but yet it shows a 43 daily traffic death toll in the country which is still huge.

Sadly, in almost all traffic accidents, the police accuse the dead drive as the main reason of the accident in it reports. While the dead driver is now uncapable of defending him/her self with the substandard asphalt and roads, lack of lamination on the roads at nights, lack of proper traffic culture, substandard domestically produced vehicles or even other cops giving more attentions to no parking zone fine tickets rather than not using turning signals consequences.

The first leading cause of traffic accident deaths is the weak traffic culture in the country. Substandard domestically produced vehicles can be compared with it in this case but if people are trained and taught well, they will be driving with more care. If they are aware of their vehicles’ wellbeing, if they be familiar with the potentials and the limits of their cars, if the traffic laws are set more wisely, if the kids are taught traffic laws in schools instead of useless back up classes, surely the traffic accident death tolls would drop drastically.

Today’s modern developed countries proved that the effect of teaching since the beginning of a kid’s life on their behavior is way greater than the fine given to them tomorrow after disobeying a traffic law. Teaching is a long-term method to correct the death toll rate and it does not cover the great responsibility of the authorities in charge of highway and road safety, road proper lamination, correcting the quality of domestically produced vehicle and improvement of traffic laws. It is hopeful that one day, traffic police organization try more to elevate the culture and to correct traffic laws instead of spending millions of dollars to purchase latest up to date intelligent speed trap and license detector cameras so it can provide the annual budget of the organization through this unpleasant method.

Mostafa Anisi, Editor in Chief and Journalist at Khodrocar.Com/En

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