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Publish Date : 19 October 2020 - 09:01
While the government and parliament are trying to find a way to find out the real price of cars by relying on tools such as stock market supply, the false demand entered this market due to the fluctuation of parallel markets, has detrimental effects and has made prices spatial. And this difference between factory and market prices has drastically reduced purchasing power, and in this context, experts see leasing companies as a tool to control this stray liquidity.
Khodrocar - In a situation where the price of the dollar has entered the price channel of 30,000 Tomans and has set new price records, parallel markets such as stock exchanges, gold and coins have also faced price fluctuations, and in this situation, these stray liquidities have returned to the car market. This has caused the car market to experience turbulent days again in the last two months.

This false demand has caused real buyers in this market to lose their purchasing power. Although the automakers' super-sales licenses were issued by the end of the year to be able to meet part of their real demand, there was still a lot of unsuccessful demand as purchasing power fell sharply and the factory price gap widened. And the market has reached unprecedented levels that do not justify buying from the market and meeting the needs of the free market.

"Simultaneously with the increase in prices, the purchasing power of consumers has sharply decreased and the same number of cars produced by car manufacturers may not be sold, but with the launch of leasing companies, with the increase in prices, there will be no pressure on the producer and at the same time the consumer.” Saeed Madani, former manager of Saipa Group told khodrocar reporter.

"To establish this group of companies, you can use the stray capital in the country that does not want to invest in the long run. Considering a good profit margin for this group of investors can be an incentive and even encourage banks to get into this issue, in which case it will be much easier to finance carmakers.” He said.

"If the interest rate is to be levied like the car rate and leasing companies are not allowed to make more profit, this will not be welcomed because if the leasing company wants its capital turnover, it must have at least 10% monthly profit margin and 25% annual profit. To have an incentive to create and continue operating in this category of companies.” He mentioned.

In a situation where stray capital has stimulated the upward trend of prices and along with the usual consumer demand has caused the demand floor to be heavier than supply and this issue is a factor in the growth of prices in the car market, it is possible to direct these funds to companies. Leasing, while creating a new model of investment, reduced the false demand in the car market.

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