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Publish Date : 24 September 2020 - 09:04
The automaker checked
A review of the performance of the automotive group this week shows that prices have stabilized on the last working day of the capital market, so that while the capital market grew by more than two percent on Wednesday, the group's shares also grew by 3 percent.
Khodrocar -  with the peak of the dollar price and its entry into the 28,000 Tomans channel of the capital market, the index witnessed a growth of 30,000 units, and cars were always in the buying queue.

A look at yesterday's transactions shows that in the car group of Khogstar and Khapars, they were traded in the price floor range, and the car was accompanied by a growth of more than 3%, and Khasapa is traded at a price of 255 Tomans.

The automotive group was trading in a range, and this is the most important goal that the market should pursue, so buyers and sellers should be aware that stocks can be traded in addition to the buy and sell queue. Now, at times, the market may move towards a sell or buy queue.

But in the meantime, despite the balance between Khasapa and the car, Khapars had a sales queue, and Khostar Samand and Cruz all started buying cars.
But Khodro, the marginal stock of Khodro Group, which had a price forecast of one thousand Tomans per share, was traded in the price range of 334 Tomans at the beginning of this week, and with the queue below 300 Tomans, the tendency to buy this share increased, so that on Wednesday the price Each share increased by 293 Tomans in the purchase queue for this share.

Khosapa, another valuable stock of the car group that was bought and sold at the price of 289 Tomans at the beginning of the week, also stood at the price of 250 Tomans at the end of the working day of the capital market.

A look at the stock price of Khapars from last week until now shows a decrease in price, so that at the beginning of this week, the price per share was bought and sold at 995 Tomans, and this figure reached 936 Tomans per share on Wednesday, the last working day of the market.

One of the important events in the capital market this week is the increase in the capital of listed companies, which was officially announced by the government. Accordingly, the president passed a law to increase the capital of companies listed on the stock exchange or over-the-counter in Iran by depriving them of shares. On August 20, this year, it was approved by the parliament and notified to the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization for implementation.

The volatile situation in the capital market this week led to serious decisions aimed at preserving investors' capital, and in the meantime, the Stock Exchange Supervision Management issued a statement announcing that in order to maintain the balance of supply and demand in the market and supervision Upon entry of orders and transactions, all real legal customers (except licensed traders) will be able to perform algorithmic transactions in all trading symbols on the Tehran Stock Exchange and OTC until further notice. This is in the context that the stock market is mentioned as the only inflation shield of the people in the second half of the year.

With the growth of more than two percent of the capital market yesterday, experts in this field describe the market trend as exciting and believe that when the market is in the buying or selling queue, it indicates a high level of excitement and this excitement is detrimental to the market trend. Because it seems that people determine their transactions based on the volume of sales queues of a certain set of symbols. While it should be based on the core performance, capacity of companies and their profitability situation, this creates a challenge in the long run of the market.

The volatile trend of the capital market, which according to capital market activists will continue until the US elections, will increase the level of excitement in this market, so that experts also believe that the market has an upward trend but will fluctuate. These intercity cars will also be caught in this fluctuation.

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