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Publish Date : 27 July 2020 - 09:05
The removal of Pride from the automotive industry's product portfolio has increased the need to produce cheap and economical cars, and in the meantime, the Ministry of Industry is trying to produce this category of cars, because with the success of this car, the purchasing power of many families has decreased.
Khodrocar - The plan to produce a cheap car, which is being pursued more seriously by the Ministry of Silence after the production of Pride and Peugeot 405 is stopped, has created ambiguities. The two high-volume cars, which were taken off the production line due to their inability to meet 85 standards and rising costs, have put the idea of producing cars in the price range of the so-called "cheap cars" on the agenda.

At first glance, the concept of a cheap car will be a low-quality car, but "cheap" is definitely a vague word that has a different meaning from the point of view of the carmaker and the customer, so that from the consumer's point of view, cheap goods are meaningless, but the carmaker Seeks to provide a product in which a number of options, facilities, parts and technical details of production are either removed or lower quality parts are used.

It is now rumored that the Ministry of Industry is considering three options for the production of microcars, low-consumption cars and four-wheeled motorcycles in order to have a suitable option for Iranian families. In the meantime, the question arises that what components should a cheap car have?

" All over the world, these cars have low consumption and are economical, and it creates the impression that they will receive a car with suitable specifications for the amount paid." Babak Sadraei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"In Iran, the concept of an economical car is on a par with a low-quality car, creating the impression that these cars are obsolete, while the technology of these cars should benefit from the latest technology.” He said. 

"The abundance of spare parts for these cars, cheapness, simplicity, lack of complexity and low depreciation should be among the components of this category of cars. Durability and no need for complex repairs are also features of a cheap and economical car.” He continued. 

"These cars are smaller in size and suitable for city traffic and for a family of four.” He said. "If there is effort and will to produce these cars, the conditions will be provided, while it is necessary to produce these cars taking into account the standards defined for it so that the nature of these cars is not questioned.”

"In this case, there will be the ability to produce economical and cheap cars, while mass production of these cars is also necessary to be able to offer at a reasonable price.” He mentioned. 

"Although the new platforms produced by car companies are good projects, there is no doubt that a platform needs to be defined to produce a new economy car, and it can then be used to use internally built-in parts or new parts for it. Be defined and at the same time the product life is predicted for it." He added. 

"A car must be designed and estimated for a time, and even its next generation must be predicted according to international standards, and until we move according to the standards, the production of this car will have no value and will not mean consumer goods. Not everything has the meaning of a commodity because the commodity must comply with a set of standards.” He said. 

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