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Publish Date : 21 July 2020 - 09:03
The automakers' request for a price increase, which the Competition Council also seems to have agreed to, is nearing implementation, with automakers making base price reform their main demand, believing that only then will the industry be out of multi-year losses.
Khodrocar - Although the Competition Council considers the inclusion of inflation in the car price formula to be sufficient to compensate the costs and losses of automakers, but still the lack of correction of the base price based on the approval of the Protection Organization in 1390 remains strong and if corrected it seems The financial problems of the automakers have been solved to some extent and the companies have been excluded from losses. But in the meantime, the question arises as to whether a re-adjustment of car prices will keep automakers out of harm again.

"Definitely, with the liberalization of car prices, consumers and buyers will be under pressure for a period of time, but if this happens, car manufacturers will be able to make a change, and after this issue, we can hold car manufacturers accountable for their actions. The companies took action, but now with the temporary increase of prices, although we are witnessing the negative effect of the increase in prices, but the problem of the car manufacturers is not solved.” Amir Hasan Kakaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"The increase in prices applied to cars in May is the correction of prices in February 1397 and the increase in prices again is an increase in new prices, while the price of the dollar in 1397 in the channel of 8 thousand Tomans and in 1398 to The average face was in the channel of 12 thousand Tomans and last month was in the channel of 16 thousand Tomans, so a look at these numbers and calculations shows that from March of last year until today, regardless of the current price of the dollar, the price of the dollar from 12 to 16 thousand tomans has increased, which indicates a third increase in prices.” He said. 

"This is while the price of cars in 1398 was behind compared to 1397 because no price increase was applied, so the current increase in prices may keep the carmaker alive, but its loss has not been compensated and continues, and in this fire has been set on fire. The car market is also blowing.” He said. 

"This trend will lead to the registration of triple-digit inflation, while the drawback of the Competition Council is that its numbers are retrospective and always show their effect with a historical delay in the event of triple-digit inflation. The end of the year will show because the main body of the economy has not taken much action to increase prices now and the result is not visible, but if this trend materializes, the Competition Council should regularly announce new increased prices. It will not cure the pain of the car industry again.” He continued. 

"This means a 10% monthly increase in prices, while the base prices that carmakers have increased, go back to 1397, while due to problems with the price of the dollar, some automakers and automakers They are trying to secure dollars from the open market, and in these circumstances, it is predicted that the losses of the automakers will continue with the decisions of the retrospective competition council.” He told. 

"The only balance solution in the market is a leap in production, and this requires backgrounds, and an industry that has already lost 40,000 billion tomans with dollar of 16,000 toman will see a loss of 30,000 billion tomans again by the end of the year, and in this situation parts manufacturers Colleagues will also be challenged.” He said. 

These remarks are made while the experts of the automotive industry have always considered the solution of the automakers 'exit from losses and the correction of the parts manufacturers' contracts to be subject to the correction of the base price, and the new price increase is the correction of the 1397 prices.
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