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Publish Date : 15 July 2020 - 09:02
A look at the stock price of automobiles in a month shows an upward trend in stock prices, and capital market experts believe that this growth is due to the market success of these stocks and the inclusion of this group in the ETF list of the second and third rounds.

Khodrocar - Simultaneously with the time of the automakers' meetings, we are witnessing the growth of the shares of this group. However, since the beginning of this year, with the growth of the capital market index, the demand for buying car shares has increased, and this increase in demand has set new price records in car manufacturers' shares..

A look at the shares of car companies shows that Khakerman, the symbol of Kerman Khodro Economic Group, has increased from 760 Tomans to 1046 Tomans in the past month, which is also seen in other car groups such as Saipa and Pars Khodro. Khasapa, the symbol of Saipa Automotive Group, has increased from 200 Tomans to 426 Tomans per share in the past month, and the symbol of Iran Khodro has increased from 253 Tomans to 582 Tomans. Khapars also reached 1600 Tomans from 811 Tomans per share, which shows the market's acceptance of this group.

A look at the stock price of Khuzamia also shows growth, so that the price of each Zamyad share was 1265 Tomans last month, which reached 2692 Tomans yesterday. Well, the symbol of Bahman group also increased from 1240 Tomans on 25 June to 2940 Tomans on 23 July.

In the meantime, the question arises as to what was the reason for this growth?

"This liquidity has created good potential for the growth of stock prices, including the automotive group, but in general, in the last three weeks, the market has moved towards the shares of large companies and index symbols.” Mehdi Hajivand expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"The argument of the investors present in the capital market is that the government can easily make the index positive or negative with a few symbols such as Iran Khodro, Saipa, Foolad and Zobahan and take orders in the market”. He added.

"The government offered Tejarat Bank shares in the first round of the ETF at a price of about 110 Tomans and Tejarat Bank unconsciously reached about 400 Tomans, so whatever the government now, the price symbolizes the companies in the second and third ETFs that are refineries, petrochemicals, base metals and automobiles. Can sell ETFs at a higher price and get better financing for themselves.” He said.

"The combination of these factors has caused cars to be in the billions queue these days, while whispers are heard about the accumulated losses of billions of carmakers, and it is expected that in the path of the capital market, the big symbols of the capital market are the first group to decline. It should be the same group of cars.” He continued.

"It is expected that the growth of cars will continue and from now on we must get used to buying Iran Khodro shares at the price of one thousand tomans, and since appropriate liquidity is still injected into the capital market, as long as this injection continues. , Shopping queues will continue.” finally he said.
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