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Publish Date : 30 June 2020 - 09:08
While the modification of parts manufacturers' contracts was subject to car price correction, the available evidence indicates the beginning of the process of modifying the contracts of large parts companies, so we will see new contracts and prices in the parts industry within the next month.
Khodrocar - Rumors of a change in car prices following the announcement of inflation by the central bank are being heard again these days, and at the same time, parts manufacturers have demanded a 50 percent increase in prices, which seems to be expected to increase next month. Let's be the price of the car again, in which the amendment of the contract of the parts manufacturers is closer to its executive steps.

"According to the agreement reached with Iran Khodro, Saipa and its subsidiaries, it is planned to start the contractors' contract renewal of high turnover companies will be taken.” Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers union told khodrocar reporter.

"The rest of the supply chain is also submitting its applications, and all contracts will be amended in the next month and a half. For each month, a currency price is considered as an average and the quarterly average price of the currency is to be taken based on domestic formulas.” He said.

"The 50 percent increase in the price of parts is the minimum demand because the adjusted prices are for the first six months of 1398, while the review of prices from the end of September until today shows an increase of more than 50 percent in costs.” He said.

"It can be operated, but in the current situation, it is like a car that has been purchased but does not have petrol. Therefore, the realization of this is not feasible despite the increase in performance, and doing so will increase the loss of the automaker, so parts manufacturers will only have high demands on paper, but in reality no money will be injected into them.” He said.

"No decision has yet been made on the final price of the car, and the latest to happen is the central bank's announcement of inflation in each sector of the economy, which is planned to be applied by the support organization in the Competition Council's formula. The Extension Authority will eventually decide on the price of the car as a rule.” He mentioned.

"The necessary information is currently being collected, and Idro will make the necessary decision on the car price correction process within the next two weeks after collecting the necessary documents.” He continued.

"Today, the exchange rate does not directly affect the price of parts more than 20 percent, because today 80 percent of the supply chain has reached self-sufficiency, but the problem is the indirect impact of the exchange rate through domestic raw materials, because according to the law passed last year. 1390 The Islamic Consultative Assembly should sell domestic raw materials at the world price and convert the current exchange rate, so with the increase in the exchange rate of steel, aluminum and petrochemical companies, the exchange rate will increase in proportion to the exchange rate, which is a necessity. The price update has made the parts more expensive.” He told.

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