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Publish Date : 26 June 2020 - 09:20
The need to integrate parts manufacturing and investment units in these units in a situation where this industry is facing a severe shortage of liquidity, is one of the basic necessities of the industry.
Khodrocar  - Providing liquidity from the capital market in the industry, which is more important than ever these days and with the growth of this market, is one of the current needs of the parts industry. Lack of support for the parts industry has made liquidity a serious challenge to this day.

"Currently, the number of parts manufacturers on the stock exchange is very limited and it is not possible to finance these units from the stock exchange, so there is a need to support parts manufacturing units as small industries.” Omid Rezaei, member of the board of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"To date, the main structure of the industry has not been valued and supported, while the public and private structure of a firm is different, and we have always been unaware of this debate in the parts industry.” He said.

"If we had collected small amounts of capital in the industrial sector and started investing heavily, the volume of many problems would have been solved today, so it is clear that if the organization is not profitable, it will not be possible to survive.” He said.

"Supporting downstream enterprises and industries can be a good experience for governments, so the parts industry needs to look at this issue in its current policies.” He said.

Supporting downstream industries in any economy has led to development as it provides the ground for growth. Accordingly, support for the auto industry will eventually lead to the development of the automotive industry, which has been neglected in recent years and posed a serious challenge to the industry's core structure.
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