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Publish Date : 14 June 2020 - 09:01
According to the decision of the Market Regulation Headquarters and the Automobile Committee, it was decided to hold three extraordinary car sales sales by the end of the year with the aim of regulating the market. It led to fair distribution and provided equal opportunities for all applicants.
Khodrocar – According to officials of ministry of Industry, in the most optimistic case, the demand for cars in the country is estimated at about 1 million to 1 million and 200 thousand units, but the beginning of registrations showed a false increase in demand, because only in the first period of super-digital sales, more than 6 million people were eligible. The lottery recognized that not only had the main goal not been achieved, but it had led to unpredictable demand.

In this regard, the expectations for the reduction of car prices were not met, because after the lottery, it was concluded that the market demand is more than the production of 1 million and 200 thousand vehicles that are produced annually. In such a situation, the question arises as to whether it would have been better to offer 100,000 cars sold in a longer period of time, and as originally planned, the registrations would have been done quarterly.

"The lottery plan and pre-selling of this group will be seasonal. Selling plans are completing each other and SAIPA is trying to show a brighter future in front of real consumers and this future is consist of production flow.” Majid Bagheri, vice president of SAIPA Automotive Group told khodrocar reporter.

"So, as soon as the top sellers of the car were identified, the pre-sale plan started hours later, which in particular sent a message to the customers that the production and planning in this area was continuing.” He said.

"This sales strategy has worked so far that we have gone from one million people in extraordinary sales to 260 thousand in pre-sales.” He said. "The number of cars will gradually increase according to the production plan, but the number of cars offered is not expected to decrease.”

"We are currently receiving the necessary permits to implement the Production Participation Plan, which will implement a variety of sales methods to ensure that people are confident in buying a car and will be less likely to go to intermediaries when there is no concern.” He said.

"The cars will be delivered according to the registration from the first to the third month, and there is a definite assurance that all registered cars will be delivered before three months.” He mentioned.

Automakers predict that while pricing in recent years has led to market inflammation and high test margins, experts say the economy has always been proven to be double-priced. Every commodity leads to brokerage and intermediation in the market, and the car is no exception. Therefore, as long as there is a price margin in the market and the factory price of cars is determined by order, no method can prevent brokerage and reduce market inflammation.

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