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Publish Date : 12 June 2020 - 09:22
Predictions about the continues of car price reduction didn't happen after the lottery and now prices are increasing again.
Khodrocar - lottery selling 25 thousand cars and pre-sale 40 thousand cars in order to decrease the price wasn't useful and it even moved people to buy cara so prices increased again.

Reviewing the price chart shows that there was a change in prices during yesterday and prices are increasing. Experts believe that the policymakers should make the way easy for automaker to supply the demand otherwise prices are going to increase more and more. 

Experts of auto industry are saying that this kind of sales are not permanent so they are not useful to control price so they have to find other ways. 

According to reports the price of Peugeot 206 type 2 which experienced multi ups and downs was reaching 118 million Toman and now increased to 130 million Toman. They are also saying that there is no real customer in the market. 

This price increment is obvious in other cars too. Dena plus has reached to 210 million Toman and Samand LX has increased for 4 million Toman and now it's price is about 124 million Toman. 

All types of pride had price increment  and after the news about stopping the production of this car had effect on it's price. The price if Pride 111 which was reaching 70 million Toman now increaded to 82.5 million Toman. The price of Pride 131 has reached to 73.5 million Toman .

Experts believe that pre-sale and lottory sale won't help the market but the automaker should start to supply the market according to the demand.

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