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Publish Date : 07 June 2020 - 09:02
The lottery plan for 25,000 registered cars ends today, while the question is always raised whether the car lottery plan has been able to reduce market inflammation, eliminate intermediaries from the car market and deliver the car to the real consumer or not?
Khodrocar - The first round of lottery for registered cars was held yesterday to identify 15,000 lucky winners of Iran-Khodro products, and the thirst of the car market in recent months has been fueled by the deep inflammation of this market. Rising demand and declining car production have upset the balance of the attractive market these days, and it was expected that the auto market lottery would be somewhat relaxed.

The current situation in the car market is such that in recent years, due to the increase in production, market demand has fallen sharply and support packages were intended to encourage purchases, and now experts believe that the car lottery from Inflammation does not reduce the market, but increasing production can balance the needs of the market.

"The implementation of this plan will not only not calm the market, but it is also possible that the market will be more concerned with the implementation of this plan. Although the implementation of this plan has prevented the mediation and reduction of brokerage in the car market, it cannot prevent the increase in demand due to the encouragement of registration and also the attractiveness of buying a car.” Amroallah Amini, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"The market will continue to be inflamed until the problem of car production is solved, so instead of implementing such methods, we need to look for the main problem that is production. The main problem of the automotive industry is production, because with the decrease in production, we will see inflammation in the market, so in addition to such measures, it is necessary to provide solutions to increase production.” He said.

"The car is a collection of parts, while parts manufacturers have become importers by moving away from their old positive practices, which cannot be accompanied by a part-time manufacturer by changing the carmaker's approach and based on increasing production. And the efficiency of automakers will be influential.” He mentioned.

"Although there are clauses aimed at restricting the entry of brokers in this plan, such plans encourage even those who do not want to buy a car or do not need to register at all, which will be the main reason for the thirst of the market.” He added.

"Targeting the production of 1.2 million vehicles and achieving them will greatly affect the thirst of the market, the imbalance in supply and demand will always lead to market inflammation, and this will not be controlled except by increasing production.” He continued.

The performance of organizations related to car pricing in recent years has led to a loss of 40,000 billion tomans of two domestic car companies, and a large amount of this place went to the pockets of a few people through rent and brokerage, and now the lottery plan is expected.

Not only will the car not eliminate the inflammation of the car market, but it will lead to the loss of billions of tomans of the country's national resources. However, it was expected that in the year of production jump, the performance of all devices would be focused on facilitating production processes in the country Under the pretext of controlling the market, to put his foot on the throat of the national industry more than before.

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