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Publish Date : 06 June 2020 - 09:06
Car buyers who did not like carmakers due to the delayed commitments of carmakers and the impossibility of registering on shopping sites are waiting for the results of today's lottery to reduce their negative mental background of carmakers.
Khodrocar - Today, the lottery of pre-sold cars will be held two weeks after the registration of these cars, according to which 25,000 cars will be delivered to the winners of this lottery. According to the latest figures, about 6 million people have registered to participate in the project, but it is not clear how many real consumers are registered.

As automakers have recently disappointed consumers with delays in deliveries, the lottery is expected to improve the mindsets of automakers while meeting the needs of these people. Although experts believe that there is no criterion for selecting real consumers, the only advantage of this plan is to provide the possibility of registration for all people, which to some extent leads to a relative improvement in the view of buyers towards automakers.

"Undoubtedly, there is no criterion for verifying the car lottery, and it is not even possible to know whether the winners of this lottery are real consumers or not.” Saeed Madani, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"The accumulated losses of automakers are currently at their highest level, while production in the past few years has been in the range of 1.5 million units and the need for this amount, so taking into account the annual needs of one million vehicles. The real number of registrations must remain within that range.”

"It is certainly not easy to tell the real consumer from the buyer who has registered for the purpose of making a profit in this plan, and although the initial criteria have been set, the only advantage is that this registration plan caused the buyers to complain about the feather and get rid of shopping sites early.” He said.

"With the elimination of prepayment, the demand for registration increased. In these circumstances, it will not be possible to verify the lottery. When the country's need for cars reaches 1.5 million units per year, the registration of more than 5 million vehicles indicates a problem that has nothing to do with production and production.” He mentioned.

"When production decreases, the expectation to receive a car increases, but when it comes to maintaining the value of money, buying a car will be one of the options.” He said.

"Now, if this person is not a real consumer, there is no criterion for determining it, and with the continuation of the current trend, any part of the economy that benefits well will see an increase in demand.” He called.

"Conditions for buying a car are different from other parts, so the demand for other products is due to rising inflation in the coming years and months, but in the car due to mandatory pricing immediately after delivery, we see a price difference with the market. This increases the motivation of the broker because the car has immediate and future profits together.” He said.

"It is possible for all buyers to register for the convenience of the consumer, because it is not possible to exert influence, and this should be considered the only achievement of pre-sale plans.” He said.

"Realizing prices is a necessity of the automotive industry in the current situation, because at the moment everyone is dissatisfied with the situation. Removing challenges are possible by price reform.” He said.

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