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Publish Date : 12 May 2020 - 09:03
The car purchase lottery proposal, which was introduced in the last months of last year with the aim of reducing intermediaries from the market, was announced yesterday as one of the official strategies for selling cars by the Market Regulation Headquarters and will be implemented soon.
Khodrocar - According to the latest decision of the Market Regulation Headquarters in the extraordinary sales of automakers, as one of the sales methods, the car sales site is open for up to a week and everyone can register and deposit money, but those who are able to register are eligible. They have not bought a car for the last three years. After completing the registration process, if the number of registrants is proportional to the quota, the cars will be delivered to the buyers quarterly and without profit.

"Since automakers are required to produce 2,000 vehicles a day, according to the plan, out of 60,000 production vehicles, 60 percent must be allocated to their commitments and 40 percent to extraordinary sales.” Abbas Tabesh, CEO of consumer rights protection organization told khodrocar reporter.

"40% of the monthly production will be equal to 26,000 cars, which is a great sale, and if the number of registrations is such, the number of people will be given.” He added.

"If the number of registrations is more than this number, a lottery will be held and 26,000 people will be selected as the winners, and the remaining amounts will be refunded. These resources will remain with the automaker until the next extraordinary sale.” He continued.

"The Automobile Support Organization will be developing a program to measure how well the carmaker has sold so well.” He said.

"The total number of these cars will be around 150,000 a year, and the Competition Council will soon price them, and will continue to monitor them based on the price announced by the council.” He said.

"For many years now, holders of Hajj receipts have been traveling to Mecca by lot, but this will be implemented in the automotive industry, which will undoubtedly be done in the presence of regulatory bodies and will prevent any rent creation.” He mentioned.

Although this method has received a lot of criticism last year, it is expected that with its implementation, while meeting the needs of real consumers, we will see a decrease in intermediaries from the car market, and since demand has increased in recent times, this can be done restore balance to supply and demand.

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