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Publish Date : 04 May 2020 - 09:16
While the capital market index is in the range of one million units, which is undoubtedly one of the most influential industries in the growth of the index, the automotive group is expected to reopen the growth of the index in the coming days and get closer to newer records.
Khodrocar - Car trading in recent days has improved the symbols of the stock market and led to the growth of the index. Meanwhile, the publication of last year's performance reports, along with the closeness of the total index to the psychological limit of one million units, has raised questions about the market situation and the growth of car stocks.

The influx of liquidity is a strong incentive for stock market growth, while with new capital coming into the stock market in recent days and the Ministry of Economy and Finance's measures to facilitate the issuance of stock market codes, liquidity is expected in the coming days to be more into the stock market

"When a large company grows or declines, it will have a huge impact on the stock market index, and it is only natural that automotive companies in the capital market will be affected, which will not be far off in the future growth of the index.” Mehdi Haji Vand, chief expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"The automotive industry is one of the industries that has not grown much compared to other industries, so it is natural that car stock prices have grown and have a great impact on the overall market.” He added.

"Therefore, car stocks are among the industries that affect the overall index and may not be the only factor in the growth of the index and its number to one million, but it is definitely one of the influential industries.” He said.

"There is a possibility that the stock market index will reach one million units today, so it is necessary to examine the possible behavior of the market, because if the market rests and tries to improve, it will affect Saipa's acceleration and growing trend to some extent. It will pay off, but if the overall market is positive, Saipa's stock could be one of the drivers of the market and have a good growth due to the company's capital increase.” He mentioned.

"The market is currently around 400,000 units without modification and rest, so it needs to rest somewhere, and maybe this station is one million units. Psychologically, as large numbers of stocks and indexes arrive, shareholders take a break to seek to maintain their profits, but there is a component that stops all of this, and that is the acceleration of liquidity entering the capital market.” he said.

"Therefore, it is expected that the entry of new liquidity into the market will continue, and now it remains to be seen where this flow of liquidity will take the market.” He said.

"In the meantime, two hypotheses are expected: first, that the index will rest at a height of one million units, and second, that the index will continue to grow regardless of any record or correction, so we must wait for the effects of liquidity to enter the market.” he said.

Now we have to wait for the reopening of the Saipa symbol and the buying queue for these popular stocks so that the puzzle of car stocks is completed and sets new records in the capital market. Undoubtedly, in the near future, we will see a large amount of liquidity entering the stock market.

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