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Publish Date : 20 April 2020 - 09:00
While the multiplicity of sources in the automotive industry has become commonplace these days, a closer look at the parallel investments made in recent years shows that if this trend changes, we will see a reduction in cost and production costs. This would eventually reduce the price of the car.
Khodrocar - The multiplicity of sources, which at one time was considered as one of the punitive tools of automakers against parts manufacturers, has become a serious challenge for them these days. The multiplicity of sources in recent years has increased production costs due to the low circulation of component manufacturers, while with the aggregation of these circuits, it was possible to improve the current situation.

"A look at the activities of the world's top automakers shows that their focus and effort is to reduce and minimize the amount of resources, because the power of the source determines whether the product is single source or more.” Omid Rezaei, member of the board of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"In Iran, there has been experience working with a number of top automakers such as Renault, and it is easy to see the source reduction scenario in Renault, which is easy to answer. Or there were financial and technological problems that made this process a 60- to 70-year experience.” He added.

"In this process, the initial investment for production in circulation will not only return faster, but the manufacturer will enter the field as a specialized manufacturer and will not have the opportunity to enter other sectors of the automotive industry.” He said.

"At present, we are facing a lot of investment, so that parallel investments have been made. This process has no other result than wasting national capital. A clear example of this is the investment in ECU production in recent years, so that a large number of sources It was created in this context, but over time, what remains is the real source.” He mentioned.

"A component maker can enter a product as a source that has the technical capability and technical knowledge to have hereditary power, because issuing a license to enter each source to produce a piece does not mean success. Today, identifying the real source from unreal is not an easy task. The only thing that the automaker wants to do is because it has the ability to identify them.” He continued.

"Currently, there are products that have more than 5 sources. If the circulation is constant or the circulation has decreased in certain conditions, but the remaining source capacity in this situation, we are faced with a large number of sources that are associated with a large empty capacity. They have spent a lot of money on equipping the laboratory, training the manpower and buying foreign goods, if all these resources could be combined in one source.” He said.

"If the reduction in the number of sources is actually implemented, it will definitely affect the cost price, while each product has a reasonable cost price based on raw materials, technical knowledge, production lines and manpower, which will increase if the circulation increases. We will have a positive effect on reducing the cost, which can have a positive effect.” He told khodrocar.

"In the past, the car industry only sought to achieve circulation and did not pay attention to the multiplicity of sources, but today in the global market, circulation, quality and durability have their place in the industry and the definition of sales engineering leads organizations to use the minimum source.” He said.

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