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Publish Date : 17 April 2020 - 12:25
The significant reduction in road accidents due to the reduction of Nowruz trips by Corona during this year's Nowruz holiday, rejects the claim of poor quality of cars and its impact on the increase in accidents.
Khodrocar - Record-breaking traffic accidents every year during the Nowruz holiday not only stopped this year, but also saw a 64 percent drop in the number of cars produced by local Arabs, as the number of Nowruz trips decreased due to the outbreak of the corona virus. We have been too.

The three factors of road, car and manpower have always been mentioned as the main elements in accidents, and in the meantime, the car and its low quality have always been at the top of this list, but a look at the new numbers and figures refutes this claim.

According to the available statistics, the highest density and volume of travel on the country's roads occurred during the Nowruz holiday, and at the same time, the highest number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents is related to these days. A look at the deaths of Nowruz trips in 1398, which were accompanied by floods and inundations, was 862 people. This statistic in the Nowruz plan of 1397 was 1034 people and in Nowruz 1396, it was 874 people.

The registration of 862 fatalities for the victims of traffic accidents in the Nowruz project in 1398, while there were many concerns, especially by the police about the number of victims of traffic accidents in the Nowruz project in 1399, but the uninvited party called Corona changed all equations and claims Rejects the high impact of cars on accidents.

Meanwhile, although Nowruz trips have almost stopped and consequently the number of traffic accidents in the country has decreased and the total number of traffic accidents in the country has decreased by 69% compared to the same period last year, it shows that in addition to Increasing the quality of cars should focus on promoting driving culture.

Transport experts believe that 80 percent of road accidents are related to human factors and other factors such as vehicles, road conditions and law enforcement, which can be prevented by promoting driver training and traffic culture.

Drivers' unsafe behaviors have led to serious accidents in recent years, but cars and their low quality have always been criticized for creating a culture of safe driving.

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