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Publish Date : 10 April 2020 - 09:17
Car prices are on the rise these days, with new numbers coming in. According to market participants, these prices are not only unreasonable, but cannot be waived until the first transaction is made then real car prices were announced.
Khodrocar - The car market, which had a not-so-good day in 1398, calmed down in March after several months of turmoil, but Corona disappointed the market's activists to the New Year night market because of the demand for cars. It reached the lowest level and finally reached zero.

However, during the Nowruz holiday, the margins of the car market did not decrease, because during this period, despite the closure of exhibitions, prices increased dramatically. The president of the Automobile Exhibitors' Union believes that these prices are not real and should wait until the market reopens, but what is clear now is that the prices are the same as last year.

"Corona has severely affected the car market, with pre-New Year and early March sales declining sharply.” Saeed Motameni told khodrocar reporter.

"At the moment, there are no sales in the market and car showrooms are still closed. Currently, the prices on the sites have no economic and logical aspect and we have to wait until the market reopens because then real prices will be seen in the market.” He added.

"Car sales have now fallen to their lowest level, and many people have stopped buying because of the need for physical presence in businesses and offices. Don't buy and sell cars to keep prices stable.” He said.

"When there is no supply in the market, we cannot expect a decrease in prices in the market, while an increase in the price in the car market will also have a psychological effect, so if production in the car market increases this year, prices will be balanced. The timely delivery of pre-sold cars keeps the market calm.” He added.

"Many people do not try to trade in this market because they do not have a clear vision of the car market and even the Iranian economy. Therefore, the market is struggling with a severe recession and it is predicted that this situation will be eradicated in the next few months.” He continued.

"In general, there was no market for cars last year, and only the price tag of the cars changed, and only the car market was traded on the buying and selling sites, and in practice, there was no trade in the fairs, which damaged the business. And it was the work of market participants, especially those who rented car shows.” He said.

According to the decision of the National Headquarters for Combating Corona, the closure of car shows is still ongoing, while the reopening of these units is not expected to help improve their situation, because with the continuation of Corona and home quarantine, the desire to buy the car will be severely reduced, and transactions will be reduced until the virus is eradicated.

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