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Publish Date : 04 April 2020 - 09:11
Automakers' efforts to combat and control the corona virus have entered a new phase, with companies reducing the density of manpower and increasing staffing through shifts, along with disinfecting production lines and equipment.
Khodrocar - At the same time as the first days of the new year, the country's first automaker has taken steps to combat the corona virus, according to Abbas Hagh Nazar, Pars Khodro's deputy director of human resources development and support. .. In Pars Khodro, it has been completely disinfected to start its activities in the new year and before the arrival of the personnel.

These measures are being taken while the necessary arrangements have been made to deal with Corona in the company since last month, and from the very beginning of Corona's spread in the country, all services, company entrances and exits, production halls, headquarters rooms, etc. Continuous disinfection and detergents, disinfectant gels, etc. have been provided in the required amount and have been provided to all employees of Pars Khodro.

"Maintaining the health of human resources is a top priority, and based on this, all staff and production stations will continue to operate in the country with a reduction in human resource density until the end of coronary heart disease control. Also, the items needed for disinfection of the work environment and personal use have been prepared and stored in the required amount, and disinfection gels, etc., will be donated to all the company's personnel upon arrival.” Hagh Nazar said.

In addition to single-shift and disinfection of production lines, Saipa Automotive Group has also increased the distance between personnel and reduced the density of manpower in the workplace. The automotive group also announced that in order to implement the resolutions of the National Headquarters for Combating Corona Outbreaks and maintaining the health of customers, customer questions and requests will be answered only by phone and online until further notice and it is not possible to refer to Saipa Sales Deputy.

Accordingly, Saipa customers can register and follow up all requests for services related to the sales and delivery processes of their car on Saipa's website at, or by visiting this website, while downloading and installing the mobile application software (application). ) Saipa, register their sales service requests and follow up in the same way.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group, from the first days of the spread of Corona virus, while taking basic measures to maintain the health of employees, monitored their daily health and reduced the services of this industrial group to non-face-to-face services.

In recent days, parts manufacturers, as the main partners of automakers, have called on government officials to continue their efforts to provide conditions to combat the corona virus on production lines, but automakers have taken precautionary measures. They plan to start production on the first working day of the new year. The component manufacturers will start their activities with a one-week delay on April 12, with the aim of preparing the conditions for dealing with the coronavirus.

The recent actions of car manufacturers in order to deal with the corona virus, while from the first days of March in order to fulfill their social responsibilities to produce masks and disinfectant gels and even set up production lines of these essential items in their subsidiaries have.

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