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Publish Date : 15 March 2020 - 10:14
As we approach the last days of March, the spread of the Corona virus and the cancellation of Nowruz trips are no news for car makers, and the question arises as to what form this service will take this year?
Khodrocar - Every year, on such days, carmakers are preparing for Nowruz relief, and this year the service is taking shape due to restrictions on Norouz trips due to the spread of the Corona virus and is expected to be offered at home.

The job of the after-sales service network was to provide reassurance to customers on Nowruz trips, and given the volume of Nowruz trips, all bases and relief units across the country were providing customer service.

In the Norouz Relief Plans, quality in essential and essential customer service emphasized that the after-sales service network is working to provide the best service to Nowruz passengers in the shortest possible time.

In addition to providing services, the carmaker's plans for the Norouz Festival also included the provision of parts, and after-sales service managers monitored the performance of service teams during in-house inspections of these centers in various provinces.

At the same time, carmakers were annually launching new services to improve service delivery in Nowruz. The unveiling of applications and the introduction of new forms of service and supply were also among the other activities these days. These were done while the situation would be completely different this year and there would be no news of Nowruz service and the start of Nowruz festivals.

Forecasts are expected to be offered this year as Norouz cancellations are canceled at home. Automakers have emphasized that by providing appropriate health conditions for service providers and providing customers with the confidence to deal with the Corona virus, they have increased the capacity of the on-site car service to meet the requirements.

An examination of the current trend of service provision alongside the social responsibilities of car makers shows that not only service delivery is not interrupted in an emergency but also by anticipating solutions while using existing capacity to change the approach of car service providers.
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