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Publish Date : 25 February 2020 - 09:05
While the news of the start of the capital increase comes from a revaluation of the car makers, capital market experts believe that with the current trend of rising stock prices, there will undoubtedly be a positive impact on the car maker's assets.
Khodrocar - The process of divestment of automakers' stocks will begin in earnest from year 1399, with the startups being subordinated and in this case the rise in the price of auto stocks will benefit them by attracting high liquidity in the stock market.

According to experts of stock market current increase in automakers share still continue and this could benefit automakers.

"The growth of auto stocks should be considered in two respects, the first being the general growth that is taking place in the market, and since auto stocks are more tangible to newcomers, it is a good option to buy.” Mehdi Hajivand, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"What is happening in the capital market right now is the impact of the exchange rate on stock price growth, but the good amount of liquidity that goes into the capital market unconsciously pushes all industries and symbols forward, including the automotive and automotive symbols and they are no exception.” He said.

"The issue for carmakers is the increase in capital from asset revaluation, which was also heard yesterday by SAIPA, which is seeking to find documentation and actions that could be a catalyst for price growth.” He said.

"Proper liquidity, news of growth in production, as well as increased capital from a revaluation, along with the ever-welcoming car and bank insurances can partly drive car stocks.” He continued.

"Undoubtedly, the rise in the price of auto stocks will affect their property and the trademark symbols of the car maker. If it is for any reason that the banking symbol in the capital market grows, it will have an effect on the group itself, and this is true for the auto group as well.” He said.

Although forecasts indicate that stock prices will rise by the first half of next year, we should wait and see how much stock price growth can boost their stocks as the initial steps taken to divest companies.

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