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Publish Date : 16 February 2020 - 09:12
Today, auto market needs demand management more than ever and now as the difference between factory price and free market has passed over 250 million IRRs, it needs predicting solutions from the government and enter of the parliament.
Khodrocar - While the auto market is experiencing influx of dealers and intermediaries, all players in the field say surplus demand is aimed at gaining more profits, leading experts to believe that demand can be relied on to control and eliminate inflammation and reduce the market tension.

"The demand in auto market was high recently, while supply wasn’t equal to the demand and paying attention to some factors can manage the current demand.” Javad Marzban Rad, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"As New Year eve or summer approaches, demand rises, and it is only natural that demand goes out of the way, in which case supply and demand need to be in the right channel to normalize demand.” He said.

"This closes the hands of the profiteers and the middlemen who are bubbling up the price, as setting a reasonable tax on car sales can prevent the car from being bought for the sole purpose of making a profit.” He added.

"Supply or pre-sale of cars by automakers should be restricted to sales for up to three years without permission to sell. Profits are gaining market share, and although there are measures to circumvent the law, it is possible to foresee strategies to prevent it or to toughen car sales.” He said.

"This will be useful if it is strictly controlled because otherwise it is likely to be violated so it is necessary to separate real second-hand cars without disturbing the problematic vehicles, while in some countries, Second-hand, low-priced cars are very different from new cars, so experts or special centers need to be segregated to avoid abuse.” He continued.

The current conditions are brokers, and without any added value, they bring profits to certain people, in which case the government needs to set up specific rules to warm the production market rather than brokers, which requires co-operation.

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