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Publish Date : 12 February 2020 - 09:06
The market of imported cars, especially hybrid cars entered an odd phase of pricing and now there are whispers about the freeing the importation of these cars with foreign source exchange.
Khodrocar – This situation happening while activists are talking about the necessity of freeing the importation of these kinds of cars and believe that this would make the path for new technologies to come.

Meanwhile, members of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Mines at the Integration Commission have launched a liberalization of car imports with priority for hybrids and mineral vehicles, which they have heard say following a sharp rise in car prices in the market and consumer dissatisfaction. False prices, hybrid car import plans are on the agenda, and important decisions will soon be made to liberalize imports.

A month ago, members of the House Committee on Industries and Mines emphasized the import of hybrid cars as well as machinery needed to rely on foreign-currency that was not exported. They stated that the purpose of managing foreign exchange resources was to enable the import of priority vehicles such as hybrids by activating foreign exchange sources of foreign origin.

These conditions are being addressed while the plan to regulate the automobile market also introduces a 5% reduction in the import tariff for hybrid cars, and eventually the liberalization of import of these cars was approved with a tariff reduction.

Under the plan, the parliament recently approved a plan to exempt imported hybrid and hybrid passenger cars from production until they were manufactured domestically, and obliged the government to provide domestic production within the five years period.

In the latest move, parliamentarians have lowered the hybrid and green vehicle tax rates to zero to encourage more use of these cars. According to auto industry activists, liberalizing import of hybrid cars not only reduces the price of the car but also provides better fuel consumption and management.

Since the production of these cars is still not available in the country, it is possible to reduce the import tariff and on the other hand the influence of the internalization movement on the field of new technologies such as electric and hybrid cars. Provided cars in the country. Now we have to see what decisions the government will announce in the coming months.

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