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Publish Date : 22 January 2020 - 09:00
While 6 months has passed the first stage of internalization in auto industry, part makers got sad dut to lack of executing courageous and they don't want to participate in second and third phases.
Khodrocar - activist of part industry believed that by executing predicted things there would be 250 million  euro save from internalization but now it is not possible and it may end in part makers participation cut.

"The country has problem and there are some restrictions. Right now we know that these phases could be continued and it may be problems in next phases too." Mahdi Hadavi, manager of inner production center told khodrocar reporter.

"Banking facilities may not happened but we are looking forward to find another ways to supply the financial resources for facilities." He added.
[23:43, 21/01/2020] Amin Zamani: Hadawi acknowledges that the Ministry of Industry is certainly concerned about the lack of incentives provided by the makers at these tables, stating: Undoubtedly, the makers are concerned and any agreements and agreements entered into in this area  It can also be followed up at the Ministry of Health, but this may take several months or may not be executed on issues, but it is not the case that the built-in desk is executed but problems are not addressed.

 The head of the Center for Construction, Machinery and Equipment Industry continues to respond to the question of achieving the intended goals of these tables as well, stating: In some of these tables, such as the petrochemical board at first,  Predicting the funding and facilities and then contracting the project is therefore very important to pursue and achieve.

In response to why the process was not implemented on the in-car desk, he added: "Some of these were in the form of a memorandum that is different from the contract, and the reason for that is, but what about  The title of the Memorandum followed is the use of capabilities.
 Hadavi goes on to say whether the current trend in automotive manufacturing desks can be attributed to inactivity and inexperience in the first in-house manufacturing desks.  As the experience goes on, the experience grows and the essentials for achieving the projected goals are met, so the discussion of the experience is here.

 He notes: What is at the forefront of the automotive industry is guaranteeing the purchase of parts that act as a facility. In this case, if the makers are confident of selling their products and consider the market and capital guaranteed,  They are also willing to attend these in-house tables, so there should be no worries about facilities.

 The head of the center for the interior, 

"Meanwhile, incentives for component makers for the first time to integrate the part are expected to encourage work, one of which is  Incentives are short-term repayment periods compared to other parts makers. Also, if the quality of the internalized parts is high, that part will be recognized as the only supplier in the first and second years, indicating that Iran Khodro Management  Seeks to implement internal incentives." He said.

 the rial value of the first home table contracts was estimated at 740 billion tomans and the value of the depreciation was estimated at 85 million euros.  It has reached mass production and is expected to enter the mass production cycle by the end of the year, 23 units.
 The second internalization table targeted 42 units with 36 contractors, providing a total of € 176 million in reductions during the first and second desks, with the internalization of the pieces being considered with the implementation of the third internalization table of € 250 million.  How many of these numbers will be realized by the end of the year with projected incentives?

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