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Publish Date : 20 January 2020 - 09:16
Implementation of a free dual-fuel vehicle plan is being implemented close to its operational stage and operational mechanism, which according to the CNG Board of Trade Union Chairmen, should double-fire 100000 vehicles a month into one and a half million vehicles. Thousands of vehicles will be covered.
Khodrocar - Demand for alternative fuel has risen dramatically since the quota and the price of gasoline has increased, and the likelihood of unauthorized workshops has increased, so the government plans to double the cost savings as well as exports. Public cars have been able to greatly reduce the risks of this decision while also helping their drivers' economy.

"It is also likely to double the fuel economy of personal cars after relying on conveniences after duplicating the public fleet and taxis.” Ardeshir Dadras, manager of CNG station owner’s association told khodrocar reporter.

"The stages of this plan are announced on the site and vary depending on the car, its capacity as well as the tank and kit required. It will be paid for by the government and the seat of the Economic Council.” He added.

"After gasoline quotas have been welcomed as dual-fuel vehicles, approximately one and a half million vehicles that are part of a dual-fuel vehicle plan must have a dual-fuel system of 100000 vehicles a month.” He said.

"The cost is determined by the needs and wants of the car and its owner, and the market is different, and the good news is that new cars like the Hyundai also come with dual-generation kits that can easily double as fuel.” He said.

"The new generation technology of gas kits has made it possible for all new car models to be gas-fired, while composite tanks are also being manufactured inside Iran, and the National Standards Organization is approving its standards.” He told.

"All of these units are now covered by the National Standard Organization and the Ministry of Industry, and each non-standard unit is identified by the Alternative Fuels Union and referred to the National Standard Organization.” He said.

"It is not currently possible to claim a non-standard unit, but the units covered by the Alternative Fuels Union are licensed and periodically inspected by inspectors.” He continued.

With the development of technology and its penetration into all sectors, alternative fuels and their tanks, which were once a serious concern, are being rolled out.

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