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Publish Date : 31 December 2019 - 09:00
Fake and low quality spare parts are increased in the market alongside sanctions and restrictions of importation and some officials believe that the share of this parts has passed 15 percent.
Khodrocar - The Union of Automobile Repairers lists counterfeit parts and smuggling at the top of the union's complaints, while spare parts union officials dismiss the claim, claiming that the complaints about the counterfeit parts have been among the lowest ever since last year. Despite the large number of activists in the field, this amount of complaints means that there are no complaints.

However, spare parts with low quality are still in the market and there is an effort to remove them from the market as soon as possible.

"The smuggling parts do not go through the legal bases, but what is now seen in the parts market is low quality parts that are not new and, although less common in the past, are now witnessed by currency problems and sanctions. We include spare parts in all classes.” Mahdi Kazemi, speaker of Tehran’s spare part association told khodrocar reporter.

"The union has always been trying to remove quality parts from the market, so the union's complaints unit is now seeking to identify and collect them.” He added.

"Dealing with defective parts is one of the major goals of the union, which is still being pursued. The sale of defective parts is at the forefront of complaints submitted to the union, but there have been very few complaints about counterfeit parts. As of last year only two complaints have been raised.” He said.

"One market player has tried to import parts from one of the well-known Chinese brands, but a similar piece was sold by one of the vendors with the original piece being packaged in the same piece with only a minor change. The union is heavily targeted because it is a counterfeit and poses serious health risks.” He continued.

"This violation shows itself when the buyer makes a purchase and then faces a problem, which is of course a very minor problem in the spare parts trade, and if the buyer complains about it, Action is also taken, but the losses from the action will be owned by the brand owner who has worked long and hard to identify the brand.” He said.

"A trade union with 120,000 activists across the country and 10,000 activists in Tehran means that there is no counterfeit product, but there is a poor quality product that contains about 10% to 15% of the parts that need government support.” He mentioned.

"Some parts importers are not members of the union and are importing these parts because the union provides the necessary training to its members when they receive licenses for counterfeit parts, smuggling and other negative effects. We note that there is less of a trade union member active in this area.” He said.

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