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Publish Date : 10 December 2019 - 14:51
After a one-time quota for gasoline and the so-called reform of prices for this energy-consuming carrier, there is naturally a growing demand for gas-fired cars, gas fired outside the factory and unauthorized.
Khodrocar - One-time petrol quotas and a price increase equal to its natural cost would have a direct and significant impact on many car business owners, so there are many people now controlling the cost of fuel and reducing the losses caused by petrol quotas. They are looking to make their cars gas burning.

An adventure that cannot be easily overcome and to close our eyes to the horrific event that is taking place in a gas station outside the factory and as a workshop, and to take action to prevent it from happening.

"The most dangerous thing in the country's fuel and automotive industry is the unauthorized gas burning of cars to the LPG, which is very dangerous and risky.” Dadras, manager of CNG association of told khodrocar reporter.

"Despite repeated accusations and notices issued by the Association and other affiliates about the dangers of car LGPs, gasoline prices are rising dramatically across the country as gas prices rise.” He said.

"Unfortunately, because these selfies are unauthorized and so-called under the gas staircase, there is little monitoring and even collusion with offenders.” He called.

"The standard organization, as it is impossible to observe accurate statistics of these unauthorized workshops, is not to be expected in particular as people who attempt to automate LPGs mainly in closed workshops and in secret. They do, and certainly cannot be supervised specifically.” He said.

What is certain is now that the price of gasoline and the disruption to people who drive their cars are increasing, or better said, mobile bombs traveling around the city with unauthorized gas capsules. Cars that sometimes carry a lot of passengers around town.

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