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Publish Date : 28 November 2019 - 09:16
While the government is paying the income of gasoline quotas to people the question is where is the best place to spend or invest this money?
Khodrocar - Public transport will undoubtedly be given more attention when gasoline prices rise and quotas are raised, and in this case expanding the fleet and spending money in this sector can be a great help. Experts in the field also see the investment and revitalization of bus companies as the best place for these costs.

"The proceeds should not be spent on producing and resolving problems with passenger cars. The massive losses imposed by the government in these two years should be resolved, but the first steps should be taken from this source.” Amir Hassan Kakaei, a member of the Iranian University of Science and Technology told khodrocar reporter.

"Paying cash to people will definitely lead to inflation. This has to be paid for infrastructure.” He added. ”Not all of the car industry's assets are the car, but more importantly the transportation industry, which covers the whole concept, including the subway and public transport. That having an efficient urban transport system tailored to the needs of the people reduces many commutes and ultimately reduces fuel consumption and pollution, but since these are only infrastructure measures, they are always delayed.”

"Focusing on bus production and urban and suburban transportation is also one of the most heavily neglected issues in public transportation in recent years, where there are now more than 20,000 worn-out buses in cities, while low-capacity domestic bus companies are in the midst of years when governments have been in dispute with the municipality over the purchase of new buses. It was activities that eventually went bankrupt.” He said.

"Given this situation, now is the best time to return this capital to the public transport cycle, which can be re-energized by the bus industry's strategies as the most modern engine and gearbox production for the first time in heavy vehicles." he said. "We did and later moved on to the passenger car, but there are still good potentials in terms of infrastructure that will require national will.”

The investment in heavy vehicle technology could have a cascading effect on the technology of light and motor vehicles, so the best strategy for spending this money is to develop a public fleet, the automotive expert continues.

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