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Publish Date : 22 October 2019 - 09:23
After the time for clearing imported vehicle finished, many talkes happened between vehicle importers association and ministry of industry but nothing changed since then and now according to a member of the parliament it seems that people shouldn't wait for not cleared cars from customs.
Khodrocar_The story of about 13,000 customs depot cars started two years ago, which was suspended for various reasons, including changes in currency conditions or order infringement, until last year, according to a government decree from January 6th to mid in July of this year and after a two-month extension, their owners were given the opportunity to take legal and clearance steps.

According to the report, about 7500 cars left the customs, but the other 1100 declared to have completed customs formalities and received electronic licenses remained in the customs and were not allowed clearance due to the deadline.

According to the secretary of the Automobile Importers Association, the currency difference of the 1048 cars stopped at the customs and all their clearance was done, but due to the expiry of the government's deadline the cars were not able to exit the customs.

But according to the Deputy Chief of Customs and Customs, since the cars were declared and the customs formalities, if not cleared within one month, the Customs will abandon them in accordance with customs regulations, in which case they will collect and sell the property. 

Arnoghi also added that The collecting and selling agency will decide whether to sell or take any other action for depot cars that are declared abandoned.

"The overall decision of the system to support domestic production and the auto industry, as the industry has also been sanctioned, is to ban car imports." Seyed Javad Hosseini Kia, member of industry and mine commission of the parliament told khodrocar. 

"With the exception of the public transport fleet that was supposed to import some cars, there is no longer any capacity for import and clearance in the passenger sector." He said. "It is unlikely that the remaining vehicle clearance capacity will be created. Because if there is capacity, importers may want to try this opportunity to import more cars. That is why the Majlis predicts that in such circumstances the deadline will not be extended unless a special situation arises which is unlikely."

"People have to withdraw their money from the companies, including late profits, and not wait for the cars to be cleared. Now domestic companies are also not eligible to deliver some cars and are planning to convert cars that cannot be delivered to people, so importing companies must honestly inform people that cars cannot be delivered." He added. 

Yesterday, Mehrdad Jamal Orounqi, Iran's Deputy Customs Technical Officer, also commented on his proposal to lift the customs ban on vehicles left in the customs, using the term "clearance" until 16 July 1398, if substituted for "licensing". This problem will be resolved. Despite the fact that there were no delays in customs clearance, it was nevertheless suggested that the date of issuance of the customs clearance be the standard of action for clearance and that the agreement was proposed by the Customs.

"It was also proposed to extend the government's approval of passenger car clearance to allow vehicles that had no problems in terms of laws and regulations but were not allowed to exit. These proposals have been forwarded by the Iranian Customs to the Ministry of Finance and Economy; however, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Commerce is the relevant authority to follow up on these cases and the Iranian Customs, as an executing agency, is seeking full and complete enforcement. That is to be communicated to the organization for implementation". He said.
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