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Publish Date : 16 October 2019 - 08:55
While automobile price was decreasing in the past months, suddenly prices increased again in the past recent days. activists said that the reason of this increment is lack of distribition.
Khodrocar - Automobile market is passing critical moments and any reaction will make trumoil in it. They also emphesized that brokers are back to the market and now they are controling the price so this will end with unreal prices. 

The recent price increment happened among the local products and had no logical reason except for the lack of new distribution. The important thing is that price increment continued till the presale of two main automakers then it went down the decreasing road. 

"While the market is in stagnation and only the real consumer is trying to buy and there are few people who are wants to buy a car so if the market face with shortage of supply then the market will have problem to solve the demand of those special group." Kazem Mohamadi Nikkhah, an expert of auto market told khodrocar reporter. 

"Maybe the market of imported cars has been shrinked but local cars have their own market but demand is too low because the market can't tolerate any price increment because purchasing power of people has been decreased also people's financial problem has impacts on the foreign cars market." He added 

"While the automaker is not supplying the market, some people will notice and enter the market. these people have car and checking the price every minitue." He said. "Rightnow, price increment has been stopped because the market is fully supplied. all problems return to suppliment." 

"A market ready to be tangled up wll be ruined the smallest thing. Those who own a lot of cars and brokers manage the market when the model is not factorized. Decrease in supply increases the value of goods falsely; hence market supply must continue daily and continuously." He added. 

The auto market activist believes that long-term delivery does not have much effect because the registrants buy, not for consumption, but for investment. However, car market participants are saying that if the car market goes up, the factory and market divide will disappear, as some assembly cars have lower market rates than the representative company. Most automakers are like a domino connected to supplying raw materials and helping with the production cycle. It should be hoped that the production process will also go up in order not to disrupt the car market again.
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