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Publish Date : 15 October 2019 - 09:22
These days and after the reveal of other aspects of car part smuggling, there is a fear that smuggled parts will enter the production line while in the past smuggled parts were just for the spare part market.
Khodrocar - While auto parts trafficking has always been the subject of criticism, recently, with a case being filed, has it raised the question of whether auto makers are willing to use it? Although awareness of the poor quality of these components that ultimately results in the production of poor quality products and end products, undoubtedly diminishes the willingness of the makers to use these components, but the recent litigation raises concerns. How much of the smuggled parts of domestic production is in the automobile production lines.

Although there is no clear data on the model of the parts and the number of parts, according to industry activists, they emphasize that there is no need to smuggle parts in the industry where there is sufficient manufacturer and producer.

"Vehicle smuggling has taken place while many of the imported specimens are similar in domestic, while other commodities, including pharmaceuticals, are smuggled, despite domestic production." Saeed Sabouri, deputy CEO of Tehran's partmakers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"We now see that smuggling parts are not only found in automobile production lines but also in the marketplace. For example, a large number of manufacturers are currently producing brake pads, but still see a high volume of pad smuggling. We are in the country, while domestic production meets the needs of the market. We also see smuggling in parts such as parts needed for cars such as BMW or Benz that are not produced domestically." He added. 
"This number of manufacturers deny the industry to smuggle parts, but in a number of parts that are not built internally, such as electronic components and single components that meet new standards and are added to automobiles and still build technology inside. There is no possibility of smuggling into the country, but this can be done by importing from legal sources, as there is no need to build all the parts in the country if every vehicle or vehicle is manufactured domestically." He said. 

"By smuggling parts of any model of any quality, it will be able to enter the country, which will ultimately affect the quality of the finished product, while it will be clear from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade statistics which parts are not manufactured domestically and it can be imported." He said. 

"Undoubtedly, the introduction of smuggling parts and placing them in the automobile production line leads to a decrease in the quality of the car, as the poor quality of each of these parts eventually affects the other parts, eventually resulting in poor performance of the cars. We will, while the low quality of cars is attributed to automakers." He saved. 

The 4 trillion tomans in the slice industry have been officially declared to be only one example of smuggling in this area and undoubtedly many smugglers in the area have yet to be identified and arrested. While repeatedly claiming that trafficking is killing people and car buyers, it has been emphasized that market patrols show that a large portion of the market has been supplied with contraband and that there is no way to prevent this supply. does not have.
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