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Publish Date : 28 September 2019 - 09:42
It has been a long time since repairers and drivers have been scared of the development of counterfeit spare parts and fines on the market, and are tired of the problems in this area
Khodrocar_ Many drivers have been struggling with the problem of counterfeit and non-quality parts for several months, and each time they visit repairers, their repairers send out quality parts to automakers, due to the development of counterfeit products and It will be marketed in the market as a product sold. Even some repairers do not come under the burden of installing such spare parts, because they do not want to be in charge of any incident in case of an accident.

 The boycott and other problems of the car industry appear to have been added to the spare parts market, and boycotting and rising exchange rates have made high-quality components at a great distance to the past, and so many of the suppliers of these products will not lose their customers and markets. , Have gone to second-rate samples to keep their customers in the turbulent market by providing a relative price stability.

Alireza Nikaeen, the head of the Tehran Motor Vehicle Association, said in a statement to the Automotive Reporter: "At present, quality components are rarely found on the market, and since a committed mechanic must be sure of the quality and function of parts, replacement parts Depends on its quality, because otherwise it will be the first action of the owner of the car, complaining of the repairer and asking for damages from him. "

 "The drivers of repairers, and even spare parts retailers and importers, do not have the knowledge to identify the quality and quality components, which can be one of the factors driving these parts into the country," he adds. This lack of knowledge, coupled with cheap prices and more profits, will bring importers to the auto parts market. "

Nick Rhine remarked: "Some manufacturers of domestic components and importers of parts only seek high profits and the satisfaction of the people does not matter to them. We do not say that production is inefficiency, but there is no supervision. The first round of production makes quality sex, but its quality levels are completely different in the ensuing period. "

He continued: "In the past, before the car arrived, its parts were imported. Right now, the best parts are German and although China has first-rate components, but these are our importers who buy low-quality, cheap products. There used to be boulings that had been working for 10 years, but now it's a Chinese kind of work that goes on its first days. "

 The head of the Tehran Motor Vehicle Association said about the growth of unauthorized repairers: "There are a number of licensed repairers who do not have expertise and technical information. They cost people wages and we have about 20 to 30 complaints each week. Fortunately, the organization of the premises also cooperates with us, but unfortunately, these unsafe workshops are like green mushrooms, which is due to the imbalance between supply and demand. However, we have already said that we have an inspector to identify them and we seal them with complaints. . »

According to the automaker, as previously mentioned in the previous reports, the regulatory units must now enter the automotive market and incorporate the necessary market arrangements into their plans, otherwise the market situation will be uncertain of the past days. And it will be played with people's lives and property.
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