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Publish Date : 13 September 2019 - 09:24
While it's been said that removing current problems of auto industry and improving production quality and localization are depends on reviving supply chain, looking at the global experiences shows that right now holdings and big part makers are replaced with dealer companies.
Khodrocar - At the same time, a look at these experiences shows that providing more authority to suppliers does not lead to improved internalization, while Farshad Moghimi, Managing Director of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, considers achilles heel production to be a viable option. Coming out of this problem is Sapco's resurgence with new missions in supplying parts that are tailor-made, timely, low cost and high quality.

In many countries, intermediaries have been removed from the supply chain by international automakers due to increased purchasing costs and high bureaucracy, and have been replaced by component makers or holding companies. In fact, segmentation holdings, called OEM, have been responsible for supplying parts to automakers.

Parts industry activists also believe that with the build-up in the automotive industry and the holding boom, we will see lower production costs in the automotive industry.

"If the segmentation holdings are created, the cost of automation is significantly reduced as the segment makers create their own holdings and the components are delivered to the automaker through a source that eliminates intermediaries and we will be wasteful." Omid Rezaei, member of board of directors of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"In the past, SAPCO agreements had to go to Iran for approval and prolonged the process, leaving the CEO one step away from getting involved with the automaker, which had a positive impact on improving the automaker's needs. In the new era, more responsibility has been given to Sapco and the company is no longer a single supplier, and while it should be noted that the SAPCO chain is minimizing its responsibilities and giving SAPCO self-sufficiency and depth in-house engineering, But he was out of the question." He added.

"Supply and engineering issues and in-house construction are part and parcel of Sapco's next priority, so the company needed to be revamped in terms of supply." He said.

Revitalizing or removing supply companies with the aim of reducing intermediaries and replacing holdings is the industry where the automobile industry has witnessed enormous losses over the past years due to overhead costs or such attention. There is a need to make the most of your costs by making the best decision. Undoubtedly, the decline in the activity of intermediary companies and the use of economies of scale in the production of various auto parts are among the things to be considered in this direction.
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