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Publish Date : 30 August 2019 - 09:15
10 action which has been said by the new CEO of IKCO in the first sight has lay on local capabilities in order to boom the localization, cultivation and way of selling and pre-selling.
Khodrocar- Undoubtedly, the implementation of emergency measures requires prerequisites and requirements that make it easier to operate and lead to an improvement in the industry. Some of these challenges, including relying on price realization, acculturation, internalization and actual sales methods, are among the current challenges for the automotive industry, which are expected to be addressed with anticipated solutions.

"A quality car based on internal capability is supposed to be produced and satisfy the needs of the market as much as possible but the need of this change is a powerful supply chain which will happen by paying demands on time." Aboalfazl Khalkhali, professor of car enginearing told khodrocar reporter.  
"There are currently problems within the country for the supply of components such as Airbags, ECUs and braking systems and must be negotiated with knowledge-based companies, practical agreements concluded, and within a specified timeframe, with the amount and output specified in the short contract. Take action as soon as possible." he added.
"This is possible because of the 2% production capacity within the country and the remaining 2% can also be produced by connecting to educational departments such as universities and knowledge-based companies in the automotive industry. The starting point is the car maker and he should look for a domestic supplier and, if not, make the attraction." he said. 
"The purpose of this real estate sales and pre-sale program is to fit the production capability, because the previous pre-sale and the revenue generated by it have caused problems because pre-sale is a risky process that must be realistic." he continued. 
"The car is not comparable to other commodities and has its own complexities, namely a product that is now domestically produced and has a wide range of consumers, but the general culture is such that the automaker and all suppliers There is a lack of respect on the part of the community if there is no industry in the country that faces the current constraints of the automotive industry but has many gains." he told. 
"One of the things to keep in mind is new product development. Nowadays a product life in other countries is 3 to 5 years so the automotive industry has to look for new Iranian products that require university-based knowledge centers to connect. Continue the same pattern that other countries follow and forget about old products." he said. 
"At a time when this science and technology is being transferred to the country, it has at the same time incorporated features that give the Iranian specialist in the automotive industry a sense of impotence. The automotive industry has been built so that many things cannot be done domestically, and it is the transfer of knowledge that has to be achieved by building self-confidence in the industry and moving towards genuine quality production and pricing in a private structure. Promoted the automotive industry." he said finally.

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