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Publish Date : 10 August 2019 - 09:28
Marketing of auto industry had changed it face during the past recent years and simultaneously with vehicle importation liberation, so companies start to put some budget for this department.
Khodrocar - The liberalization of imports and increased diversification in the automotive market has provided the basis for the development of this knowledge in the automotive industry. An industry that had not felt this need before due to traditional sales and low supply, but with the change in game of the decade and the need to create these, we now see a unit called marketing in manufacturing and importing companies.

"In European countries, the market has been stable for decades, due to its high production power as well as the advanced industry from which technology originated, a balance between supply and demand has emerged and even greater demand has been observed in parallel to supply.” Babak Sadraei, expert of marketing section told khodrocar reporter. 

"In these conditions, marketing is becoming more and more powerful, and it is driving automotive executives in these countries to look for ways to make the product more attractive to the market.” He added. "Among the attractions of the industry include the attractions formed in production. In our country, especially during the revolution and during the war and even after the decade, demand has always been more than supply.”

"Under these circumstances, when a product is manufactured in low circulation but there is high demand for it, there is definitely no need to market it because it is traditionally sold.” He said. " since the beginning of 2000, during this time, the market was relatively stable, but due to import bans, product diversity was very low as a result of a limited number of low-tech cars and only a limited amount of community needs.” 

"But at the same time there was a steady demand for up-to-date cars in the 1380s and with the liberalization of imports due to low-level imports, the science of advertising and marketing in the Iranian automobile industry was created but the problem was that most importers and dealers , Due to problems such as sanctions and political issues, they did not have direct representation of the importer company or if they received direct representation the relationship was very poor because the investment was not made and the agency was only for imports.” He continued.

"If the ads are up-to-date and online, they are not creative and traditional, and if they are modern, they are routine and monotonous and only want more sales because the main nature of these companies is to sell more cars while in today's advanced countries, Advertising is moving in a way that influences customer sentiment.” He added. 

"Iran has been banned from importing cars for many years and this restriction has created a mutual thirst and has made people more optional, so that the option has become valuable, while in the European markets the customer is choosing based on the need. In advanced countries, however, the focus is also on the concept of production, quality, brand, automotive technology, fuel consumption and environmental elements.” He added finally.
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