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Publish Date : 19 July 2019 - 09:00
The survey of the performance of post-sales service firms in recent years has been indicative of the growing performance of these companies, and the review of regulatory processes and processes suggests that it has not gone a long way in reaching the ideal goal.
Khodrocar – "75 percent of repair shops are getting an A. 65% of repair shops are ranked 2nd, and at least 50% of repair shops have won the third place.” Saeed Tajic, deputy of ISQI Co told khodrocar reporter.

"Last year, 28 car dealers and 2040 light car dealers were evaluated, the final score for after-sales service companies in 1397 was 71%, up from 2.7% year-on-year.” He added.

"The results of the evaluations show that the rated car dealership authorized by the car companies in the year 97 was 83 percent, which was up 5.9 percent year-over-year.” He told.

"4 companies in the field of after sales service were ranked 4th in the assessment of the year 1997. The survey shows that the state of the system of after-sales services in year 97 was 64.6 and the status of authorized repair shops was 84%, indicating has grown.” He said.

According to Tajic. In the customer satisfaction section, a 73 percent improvement was achieved, and a 76 percent improvement was found in the performance of dealers who used car repairs at normal times. Meanwhile, the satisfaction of authorized dealers from the car company was 70%.

"Parameters such as the training process, the timely delivery of spare parts, vehicle warranty requirements, vehicle technical and repair instructions, the accountability process, and customer complaint handling are compared with those of the corporate governance system.” He said.

The Ministry of Industry announced the rating of authorized car repair vehicles with a rank of 35 per cent, ranking 2 at 45 per cent, and a 3 per cent of 20 per cent, while the repair shops that ranked one ranked 33 per cent and ranked 2 also managed to score 42%, repair shops rated 3 also earned 20%.

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