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Publish Date : 16 July 2019 - 10:06
Looking at the market for car prices and comparing them to last week's prices shows that the situation is calm and stable
khodrocar_ The car market has undergone a steady and steady decline for several weeks, a weekly review of prices suggests a continuation of the downward trend in rates, and it seems that the rate of exchange rate cuts in this issue has not been affected.

Car market experts also believe that if car companies are pushing for more sales and delivery of cars to customers, we will see a further decline in prices.

Said Motameni, chairman of the car dealers' union, also described the car market a few days ago, saying that the price decline is slowly moving.

He also says about the market for imported cars: in the past 10 days there has been no significant price change in imported cars, and prices have remained relatively constant.

Kazem Mohammadi Nikkhah, the automotive market activist, told the car dealer: "We have not seen a significant price change in domestic and imported cars, and the price decline is continuing at the same pace."

"Those who have chosen the automotive market for investment in recent months are leaving this market," the car market activist said. A lot of them had bought cars when prices were high, and now they have no opportunity to use market turmoil. "

"These people thought they could have good gains in the car," he added. "But the actions that were taken and the avoidance of the activity of sites that were expensive at the expense of now they had to leave the market." . »

According to the car maker, according to exhibitors, as in the past weeks, sales and sales have been limited and a recession has prevailed in the market. They say that, except for the few who need a car, nobody is in the market to buy and trade in the market. Those who want to convert and upgrade their cars also have to wait and wait for a further decline in prices, and they hope that this trend will continue to make their car cheaper.
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