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Publish Date : 15 July 2019 - 09:01
The 41 percent car production decrease in the spring had negative effects on industry and market but also related industries had affected such as insurance companies.
Khodrocar – as the car production rate decrease we are seeing that insurance companies has losses because big part of this industry is filled by the car industry. Also, experts of insurance industry said that in the past years quality of cars has been increased and insurance risks has decreased because most cars are inspected periodically.

"Automakers are putting a huge amount of low-risk cars into the market, and since these vehicles are technically evaluated each year, we are witnessing risk aversion in these circumstances, the decline in car production is also about the insurance industry and its performance has had a negative impact.” Ismaeil Falah, manager of an insurance company told khodrocar reporter.
"Expressing that the volume of production of zero-grade cars, besides being technically viable, also makes their owners more cautious in the absence of the car, which leads to a reduction of risk, IKCO cars due to their nature and body, in The first year has a maximum of 10% to 15% of the proportion of damage to insurance companies, which in Saipa cars, in the years when it was produced by the BRL and EL-90, and in the Pride family, accounted for about 40% of the damage to insurance companies has brought.” He added.

"In addition to the financial and financial aggregation over the past 3 to 4 years as the body of cars, as well as technically Saipa vehicles, the damage ratio has increased to 10-15%.” He said.

"In the last few months, with the decline in car production, demand for various types of insurance has dropped, and in this case, there can be no action to improve the situation, unless relied on advertising on demand.” He continued. "An annual percentage of third-party insurance will be passed on to central insurance for advertising, so it should be done by increasing the amount of advertising from central insurers to motivate applicants and those who are not insured.”

"However, there are no precise statistics on this issue, and there are still a million non-insurance vehicles and motorcycles that, if there are media ads, are eligible for insurance without insurance, taking into account the risks various substitutes for automobile companies.”

These conditions, while insurers believe, while lowering demand due to reduced car production, we also see a decline in car insurance, while car insurance rates were the same as last year and did not increase before. However, according to insurance experts, it is better to increase insurance rates while increasing the rate of cars, but this year's demand for car insurance is projected to decline because insurance applicants will not be charged at the expense of This will not have any beneficial effects.

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