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Publish Date : 14 July 2019 - 10:08
Car production figures dropped by 7,000 compared to last month, according to a car-based quality assessment report. Automotive activists believe that in such a situation, the liquidity problem will help to improve the state of production.
khodrocar_According to a quality assessment report issued by Iran Quality and Standard Quality Inspection, last month, 48,411 vehicles were produced, of which 99% of the volume was attributed to lightweight vehicles and one percent to heavy-duty vehicles. The country's production vehicles this month include 45 lightweight vehicles and 8 heavy-duty vehicles. But if we look at car production in May, we will see a decrease of 7,000 cars in May. Although the production has been slowing down, it seems that according to the same report, the quality of vehicles is still stable and there is no problem with the quality of the cars.

What has become today's concern for experts and activists in this area is the production of incomplete cars, which are said to be scheduled to reduce the number of incomplete vehicles every year. On the last day, Farshad Moghimi, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, has emphasized on this issue: "With the actions taken in the coming days, the production of incomplete cars will be minimized.

He stated that there was a delay in providing liquidity to automakers, saying that in the period of about 5 weeks, we are trying to deliver incomplete cars in the parking lot by supplying parts to the people.

Moghimi stated that all parts of the car fraction were identified, also said that they had predicted different parts for supplying these parts, but a little time was needed from the time of ordering the piece to production and entering it into the factory.

In this regard, Amir Hassan Kakayi, a car industry specialist, told Automotive Correspondent: Real production problems have not been resolved. Last week, although the price of the currency did not change, the price of some cars increased due to the same problems and shortage of parts and production.

He goes on to say: "First of all, the problem of providing the liquidity of the automotive industry and the development of components must be resolved and, along with that, the pricing task should be clearly identified and, in fact, liberated."

The auto industry expert adds that between $ 5,000 and $ 10 trillion in cash is now needed to fix the temporary problems of automakers and contractors, which is needed and this liquidity should be provided as soon as possible, otherwise the statistics on the production of defective cars will increase.

He also points to the rumor of price ransom returning to the Competition Council, saying that the return of the competition council means that the automaker's production can not be profitable, thus making it impossible to order more pieces for production.

The expert insists that if the possibility of providing liquidity and determining the car pricing assignment is not specified, the debt will be much higher from the amount of 22 trillion tomans and the production cycle will stop and lead to more than 50 trillion dollars of chain debt Providing automakers will be visible to other sectors of the economy.
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