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Publish Date : 16 June 2019 - 10:17
Near a month has remain for clearance of 13 thousand imported cars and while the speed of clearance has increased but car importing association believe that transportation management center and fuel are the new obstacles in front of importers.
Khodorcar – In the past months scrapyards get their finance from the importers companies and collect the worn-out cars to scrap them. 

These centers, after scoping, set the specifications of these cars as a safety certificate in a system and sold car or spare parts. A system was also developed for the export and transfer of a certificate of scrapping, which transferred the certificate center to the importer's page, and the importing company attached the certificate to other documents and sent the car for issue. The price was also agreed upon by car dealers and car dealers.

"Since the Fuel and Energy Directorate has provided a certificate of exclusion during the planning and outside the scope of laws and regulations to create a monopoly on the market, the matter was being discussed with the Deputy Parliamentary Minister of Road and Urban Development, as well as all the supervisory bodies in hand And, on the basis of this, to refrain from purchasing any certificate of exclusion from the exclusive market.” Wrote in the announcement of importers association. 

"The most important problem in the country is the lack of proper enforcement of laws by executive officials. Since last March, the Transportation and Fuel Management Department has shut down the system of waste and recycle worn-out vehicles and insists on buying a certificate of exclusion from the Cooperative Center for Abandonment, while there are more than 280 rescue centers in the country that only One of these centers.” Dadfar, secretary of importers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"At a meeting with the authorities of the Car Manufacturers Association, it was foreseen that importers will provide price analysis for worn-out foreign cars and declare themselves a rally price for their retirement.” Mohammad Hossein Goudarzi, President of car’s scrapping and recycling association said. 

"In this case, if the proposed price of the forum is fair, we accept it and otherwise we will be able to deliver the car from the same price as they declare and issue a certificate of resignation. If we do not, we would rather direct the man to buy a certificate of evasion, and we will make it easier for them in one day. If the worn-out cars are purchased from people at a price of one to 20 million IRRs, then these people are losing money first.” He added. 

Since the last government's approval of the 2009 resettlement certificate, at which time the value of any certificate of resignation was considered to be one million USD, and this operation was carried out according to the Clean Air Act, and to this day the figure a new one has not been identified, and it seems that executives should think this way, in the meantime, customers who wait a long time to get their remaining cars in their customs are not at a disadvantage.
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