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Publish Date : 08 June 2019 - 10:25
Providing spare parts for drivers of heavy and lightweight vehicles has become one of their biggest challenges. Among these are one of these important parts for car tire drivers.
Khodrocar_Providing spare parts for drivers of heavy and lightweight vehicles has become one of their biggest challenges. Meanwhile, one of these important parts for car tire drivers, which has been faced with rising prices, and the introduction of poor quality smuggling tires in the market has created many problems for them.

Truck drivers and transport sector activists always have problems with the problems in this area, and now it seems that these problems have really become acute.

In the same vein, the head of the Association of Khorasan Commercial Vehicle Owners Association said a few days ago that the rubber that was not provided to them does not meet their needs. He says that in the best condition that our cars were running around and rotating in the country, there were a number of used tires on the market that could provide some kind of need, but unfortunately, nowhere in the country is there any tires.

Timurie adds, "They have defined a standard that, according to truck scrolling, tires were placed on trucks, but now, according to the same citation, rubber is not given to truckers."

The chairman of the Khorasan Commercial Vehicle Association's Association of Trade Unions says: "In general, every two to three months should be replaced by truck tires, but many of our members have not been able to do this for one year, and in Khorasan Razavi We have items that have not been able to take a pair of tires after a year. "

Mustafa, the only spokeswoman for the Tire Industry Association, told Carter's reporter a few days ago about tire drivers' problems: "Like the car that is being offered on a more expensive market, dealers sell the tire at the desired price on the market."

He said that the main problem of factories is to provide timely raw materials they need, which is not limited to foreign raw materials; he says producers do not have enough problems in supplying domestic raw materials, and problems must be solved to meet the needs of the market. "

In the same vein, Farshad Moghimi, deputy director of industry affairs at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, at the meeting of the non-metallic industry monitoring group that was specially devoted to the rubber industry last week, explained the state of the industry: the process of manufacturing the rubber industry according to the plans Approximately 290 thousand tons are considered. By adopting executive mechanisms, we hope to achieve this goal in cooperation with manufacturers.

He believes the rubber industry, with 16,000 jobs, will be able to supply all the tires of the Peugeot, Pride and Samand cars as well as some of the tire in the country.

At this specialty of the rubber industry, which was attended by the Secretary of the Association of Manufacturers and Representatives of the Industry, proposals were made to outgrow the current state of the rubber industry, such as accelerating the allocation of needed foreign currency, export liberalization, planning to increase the quality of all types of tires and presence In the world markets, reviewing the status of the industry's key factors and making decisions to address the concerns of the industry has also been taken.

Also, the meeting will require that the cases of the rubber industry be reviewed at the next meeting of the Joint Stock Exchange Committee with the central bank and the allocation of foreign currency to the industrial units of this sector to reduce the problems in this segment and to meet market requirements.

According to Mussulin, in the past year, the AE has distributed more than a million tire rings among truckers, but in the current situation, the rubber market faces a shortage of one million circles. The shortage and decrease in the distribution of government tire in the market has led to the creation of a black market and the sale of tire with a few times the price, in the current situation, tire available at a free price through smuggling or domestic plants, so the organization of this sector is also very It is essential.
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