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Publish Date : 05 June 2019 - 09:00
The automotive industry is considered as the third most important industry in the country, but these days the industry is struggling with many problems, and the lack of economic stability has fueled these challenges.
Khodrocar_According to Farshad Moghimi, the Deputy Minister of the Interior Ministry of Automobile Industry, the automotive industry in the country's economy after the oil and gas, petrochemical and banking industries was third, and 2.9 percent of gross national product and about 23 percent of the total value added of the industry Country in the automotive industry.

The workshop and the factory for producing many parts and assemblies in the industry are all in the industry, and all this shows that the car industry, although subject to severe sanctions, should not be allowed to land. The car market also The impact of sanctions has not been peaceful for so long.

These days the issue of car pricing has returned to the top of the car industry news with the approval of parliamentarians to reassign it to its competition council, and it is said that it will restructure the car market.

Reducing prices by clearing imported vehicles from customs

But what we've been seeing over the past week is that prices have fallen sharply on the margin, but what is the cause? Reza Rahmani, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, has said about the cause of car prices in the market in recent days: "The price of cars is mainly influenced by the market's psychological issues; in the course of the period due to currency fluctuations, cyber pricing, etc., the price of cars increased Findings such as the clearance of cars left behind had a positive impact on car prices on the market and lowered prices. "

He believes the adoption of the car market reform scheme has been effective in improving market conditions and says the parliamentary resolution has had a positive impact on car prices in the market and reduced inflammation.

The 7-fold increase in vehicle market output is saved

However, Mohsen Shakeri, another car dealer in the same area, told the automaker, adding: "The approval of the car market plan over the last week reduced some of the prices, and, of course, a 7-fold increase in vehicle production and parts supply could continue to dampen this trend and the market To save stagnation or inflammation. Although last year, according to the statistics, we faced a drop in production, and in various sectors we saw about 40% decrease in production, but this year, the efforts of automakers, based on what they say, are up to 4 The next month its production capacity is approaching 96. Definitely, production will help improve market conditions. "

The exchange rate fluctuates in car prices

The car market activist remarked: "The exchange rate rises and fluctuates in car prices. It seems that the decline recently raised in prices is due to a downward trend in the high since. We should not forget that the price of goods is closely related to the exchange rate. If the course of the downward trend in exchange rates continues, it is certainly false prices The market will be broken and the real buyer will be present in the market. The market is in the midst of a recession and has kept buyers and sellers in a state of economic stability. "

Economic stability is essential for the prosperity of production

According to Automaker, Shakeri, in response to the question that the car industry and its market are currently in need of better conditions, says: "The country's economy has been overshadowed by political reasons and US sanctions, which means that the challenging industries Different are struggling. It is better to resolve internal disputes in order to improve the conditions of production and to avoid internal sanctions. Hasty decisions on the structure of this industry will be wounded and the Ministry of Humans should also avoid it. Also, the creation of An environment of economic stability will certainly help to produce more and improve the market situation. »

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