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Publish Date : 23 May 2019 - 10:06
The rumors associated with the rise in gasoline prices and its quotas caused the people to re-enter the two-folds of burners again. This has happened while the production of double-skinned vehicles has fallen sharply in recent announcements from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade.
Khodrocar_According to the statistics for the first month of this year, a total of 1,000 and 317 dual-engine vehicles in the country were produced in the first month of this year, which compared with the circulation of 3,457 vehicles in the same month last year, the production of this car decreased by 62.5 Percentage has been met. The decline has come at a time when there has been a boost over gas refueling to reduce gasoline consumption.

We had earlier mentioned that Hamid Ghasemi, Director of CNG, National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, said on the sidelines of the 24th International Oil Exhibition, that it would pay a 2.5 million USD tax on cars to welcome cars from CNG fuel. Considering this facility, it seems that the government may want to redefine the development of double-decker vehicles and thus prevent a dramatic rise in gasoline consumption over the years.

In this regard, Ardashir Dadras, chairman of the CNG Marketers Association, told Automkara's reporter: "One of the great CNG industry giants is the supply and development of gas-fueled cars, followed by testing and inspection of their standardization. When the facilities are considered for them, customers and consumers of this product, as well as car makers, are more than welcome. "

"Because it has not been done for many years this year, CNG's self-renegency debate is on the agenda, in which CNG can be expanded until consumers are thinking of rebuilding and rebuilding their cars," he said. Use this facility "

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