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Publish Date : 16 May 2019 - 09:00
Having income from exports is a wish of any industry and this income will be beneficial if that industry could use the income as his most important working peaks.
Khodrocar - The piece industry is one of the industries that has selected exports as one of its strategies in recent months and with the increase of the exchange rate, and the units that have the export power have been able to compensate for their liquidity by relying on these revenues during this period. They do. Activists in this field believe that it is already available on some parts of the export capacity and machinery, and this revenue can improve the conditions of the manufacturers.

"Currently, there are a number of components that are not advanced in technology and based on petrochemical and steel, and also need to be cast, and its raw materials are in Iran and part of it is also supplied from the petrochemical industries, they have hundreds of possibilities to compete and export.” Ahmad Reza Ranaei, member of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"These conditions, while in the field of producing other parts, also come in part through the intermediate parts and become a set, but there are problems in other areas that need to be imported and manufactured in a particular piece.” He mentioned.

"There are now some problems with the supply of raw materials for certain supplies through imports, since about 70% of the raw materials are needed for intermediary goods, and by working on it, it becomes an export product that, if solved by a bank problem, barriers Existing imports and restrictions on sanctions due to labor, as well as cheap energy and expertise in the piece industry, will have the ability to move toward the export of pieces, and there is no problem with that.” He added.

"These conditions, while now due to the conditions of steel and petrochemical materials as well as machinery in the country, there is no problem in exporting products and components, and companies that are currently producing and exporting, in some time Recently, due to restrictions on domestic market sales, the volume of exporting producers has increased and the tendency to export has also increased.” He said.

"However, it has increased the exchange rate of the market and increased internal demand, which is needed from domestic units because there is no possibility of importing and supplying goods from traders and merchants, and units have turned to domestic production. This opportunity is a great opportunity for component makers, and since there is a good ability to do this, this capacity should be used.” He said.

"In recent times, makers faced a problem with liquidity and had the ability to export, they provided a portion of their liquidity with the production of exported goods, but, at the same time, units unable to export had problems and Continue to face liquidity shortages.” He told.

Although the increase in exchange rates is a disadvantage for businesses, it can be a good source of revenue for contractors as it saves exports. In the situation where domestic producers, on the pretext of currency appreciation, and barriers to imports, prefer to supply themselves through the domestic market, however, relying on export power can be a concern for earning money even in inadequate internal conditions.

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