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Publish Date : 27 April 2019 - 08:22
This year has been named for production boost and predicting different ways to support local production is a necessity and in this condition 7 topics of production boost from ministry of industry, mine and trade could be helpful.
Khodrocar – one of predicted topics is increasing the quality of 500 units in auto industry and in this condition we have to see how much national association of quality would be successful ?

"The first part of the quality begins with the piece industry, and after the delivery of the car, which includes after-sales service, the second part of the issue of quality is raised.” Farshid Shokr Khodaei, vice manager of Iran’s national association of quality told khodrocar reporter.

"This amount of complaints is after the first recourse of the buyer to receive after-sales service, while part of the dissatisfaction also returns to the inappropriate quality of the components, which is the main reason, producing a large part of the parts in China and selling them as the Iranian product and their entry into the production line and assembly.” He said.

"Of course, after the appreciation of the currency, this trend is not justifiable, and it is hoped to produce good quality components, but at the same time paying attention to the research and development units in the segment of production can lead to the improvement of the quality of products.” He added.

"Another issue is the lack of liquidity, which has shown itself to be a problem in the automotive industry, while over the years, investing in the long-standing cases has been less welcoming than research and development on the new product. The subject is long overdue and it takes a lot of time to reach the outlet, and since the main concern of the art producers has been on short-term issues, this issue has not been given particular attention. " he mentioned.

"The Association has always sought to implement the qualifications in automotive and automotive units. Based on this, four national automobile industry quality awards ceremony was held, which was successful and well advanced, but despite such a record, as well as numerous follow-up by the Association and the National Organization Standard, the Ministry of Industry has not supported this”. He continued.

"In the 5-year-old automotive strategy, only the targeted production circulation and the word of the quality of the automotive industry are not seen in this document, which is a serious critique of the National Quality Association to the 5-year automotive industry program.” Shokr Khodaei said.

"The legal bases, parliamentary decrees and the high standard council are also ready for this, and only the compliance of the managers of the ministry of industry is necessary, but in practice there is a disregard for the managers.” He added.

"In the case of production of quality control parts, we have less damage to cars, as well as dissatisfaction, because dissatisfaction is not about the assembly of cars, but from the parts, which, by focusing on quality, will see the production of a quality piece from the professional components. Of course, part of the this goes back to corruption.” He said finally.

This shows that quality in auto industry is not accidental and it won’t happen without developing the part industry.

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