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Publish Date : 23 April 2019 - 09:09
Offering 5 to 10 years of after sale services from foreign automakers in Iran was a condition from ministry of industry, mine and trade for any company which wanted to make cooperation. This is getting challenging due to the foreign sanctions and inner decisions.
Khodrocar – This is happening while importing spare part is not in sanction and companies are allowed to import parts but in action this is different and local officials have banned importation so no parts would be imported to the country. Experts think that with removing local obstacles we can find a way to turn over sanctions.

"In a period of time Dubai was a source of importation but now due to the laws of Emirates no importation would happen from this city because importing any part which has metal is impossible.” Nader Vahab Aghaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Accordingly, traders would be able to use several alternative countries, including Iraq and China, to import parts that, by the time, China was able to do so, but this was also possible due to bank troubles with its banks. Because Iran can’t have any financial transactions with Chinese banks". He added.

"On the other hand, due to the sanctions and restrictions imposed by the parent companies, they will not allow the registration of the order for the Iranian companies. These obstacles have led the automotive industry to seek other resources and remedies, but no executive solution has yet been defined to circumvent these restrictions.” He said.

"Now it is not possible to register the order of import of parts from the inside and outside of the country, and even if the restrictions are removed, there is no longer a possibility to register the order within the country because the permit to register the order of the parts that is currently underway is for the sole purpose of producing Internal vehicle is valid and there is no possibility to register orders for the importation of spare parts and even parts needed for after-sales service.” He continued.

"On the other hand, Iran faces external sanctions and Chinese, Korean and even European companies are not willing to accept orders for import of parts from Iran, while foreign companies operating in Iran are required to provide services from 5 to 10 Years after the sale in Iran, but this has been ignored by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and it is not ignored that foreign car companies operating in Iran, which should provide 5 to 10 years of after-sales service to car makers, and the possibility There is no order for the import of parts for them, what will be the conditions under which sanctions will be imposed.” Vahabi said.

The comments from the expert on the field of after-sales service are being discussed at the present time and only after more than eight months from the beginning of the boycott of the automotive industry, montage cars in Iran are in short supply, and under such conditions the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade can rely on strategies such as eliminating the ban of order registration, to resolve the existing challenges, and then can use sources and references to supply parts and circumvent sanctions, which requires the lifting of sanctions Interior and decision making are more expensive.

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