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Publish Date : 07 April 2019 - 08:16
In the year that named after production boom then ways of incomes is going to be around this slogan and a way of making money is exporting. Although there has been no record of success in the past years, the managers of this area continue to report figures and figures in the past year, despite the barriers and sanctions. In this context, the question arises as to how well this year's naming of the production boom will be effective in exporting? The activists in this area believe that the government can define a specific program for foreign exchange earnings by defining the currency level.
Khodrocar – "The inability of automakers to keep products up-to-date was one of the challenges facing the automotive industry. However, due to the success of successive caretaker modifications, cars were not kept up to date, while the automotive group Saipa was the forefront of exports, which led many projects to slow down and do not come up with new products that could have a good export market.” Saeed Madani, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"The limitation of the export of these cars, both during and after sanctions, has always existed in the automotive industry, and this is considered a missing link in the automotive industry, because it is always affiliated with the brands and these companies are also often in the export of products with The brand itself does not have the necessary cooperation with the Iranian automotive industry.” He added. 

"What is always the hope of this industry is the export of the car with the national brand, which is currently undergoing pilot testing, but still at the beginning, while these vehicles are highly valued, and the management change also made the project Delayed while replacing old export products. Therefore, we need to work round the clock in this regard, because these vehicles will be branded and nationalized, and foreign manufacturers, especially those with no commercial connections with Americans, will have no limits on the sale of parts of these cars to Iran, so the ratio should be as soon as possible. To increase the production of new vehicles with the national brand and export them.” He said. 

"In this regard, it is also necessary to conduct negotiations and look forward to the outcome of the negotiations, as this will depend heavily on the form of political relations of Iran with the world, but undoubtedly, if the trend of the past year goes by far, there are certainly many challenges for exports and Receive export earnings.” Madani told. 

"SP100 was the hope of SAIPA for exportation. If the car were to be produced in the world class, it could have replaced Iran's export vehicles, but now that the neighboring countries are growing and rebuilding and are in perfect contact with the world, they are looking for cars with more options for replacement, though Who had previously failed to do so because of good relations with Iran, but now they have replaced their weakness because of the automotive industry in a competitive atmosphere.” Former manager of SAIPA said. 

"Many of the car industry contracts were signed on a periodic basis on the basis of a contract of sale and export, based on political protocols between the two countries' politicians, and the politicians proceeded to implement it, but this process is not currently seen. The automotive industry is hit by a heavy competitive environment and other countries are operating in Iran's export destinations, unless Iran is inclined towards producing a competitive product, and the best product is the domestic platform of Iran because it does not have export opportunities with foreign brands.” He said.

"In a period of time, the Saipa automobile group even exported up to 10 percent of its output, which if this figure is met, this year part of the needs of foreign car makers will be provided through exports, as the automaker's belief is that, under normal circumstances, For themselves, and if they issue new vehicles with an up-to-date platform and increase the size of the inside.” He continued. 

"The government can plan and communicate the currency balance for some industries because the industry, such as the automotive industry, whose foreign exchange needs are more than exports, must work to increase exports, in the face of such pressure from automakers to the government and the market to supply Currency will not arrive.” He said. 

What is certain is that, in the current circumstances, due to the increase in the depth of the building and the prosperity of production, it can be the only industrial approach, such as the automotive industry, which is always involved in the supply of its currency requirements, and this can’t be achieved except by planning and determining solutions such as the elaboration of a currency balance In the automotive industry.
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