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Publish Date : 23 February 2019 - 09:45
It’s been days that vehicle prices has increased suddenly and the market faced with tension but till today no organization has respond to this matter and it seems that consumers protection organization is in silence.
Khodrocar - Urgent sale of automakers is continuing, experts and those people who aren’t receive their cars are against this kinds if sales. These days every body are talking about the car price.

Automakers which had different problems in fulfilling their promises faced with sudden price increment and to prevent any price increment and reducing the price start urgent sale. Experts say that delivering cars in a months in these days is wrong and it will take two months to deliver all cars. Also others say that if they have any car then why previous customers don’t receive their cars yet.

"Pre-sale without any supplement in market won’t change the condition and real customer won’t be able to buy a car. The decision is 80 percent of daily supply will be for previous promises and 20 percent of it is cash sale.” Amir Hossein Ghanati, manager of vehicle industry affair if ministry of Industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Production increment has happened and production if IKCO has increased to 3000 to 3500 cars so part if this production is urgent sale also both automakers have to continue selling till prices get better and balanced.” He added. 

But will the balance happen without supervision of governmental organizations?

It is always said that prices are set due to side market price but experts think these prices are bubble and consumer protection should enter the market but the new manager of this organization is not talking about it anymore. 

Silence of officials and governmental organizations in current condition and final days of the year is a bit strange and it is a question that why supplying called as a price reduction. Production problems and brokers that obtain the market are main problems of the auto industry which got forgotten.

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